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Technologies of abundance are technologies of a positive high frequency which operate in alignment with nature’s principles. No room for scarcity, planetary destruction, disease, or damaging radiation, but a reflection of transformation back to a world of true mutuality, care and healthy responsibility. Scarcity has been invented, and is not natural to the Earth and its beings. It is connected to another form of existence that does not belong here but has affected our lives for a long time. Check out the ‘Earth’s history – A bipolarity’ page, if you feel drawn to diving more in that topic.

Free energy is a primal energy underlying all matter and space-time. It is infinitely abundant, decentralised, truly clean and available anywhere at any time. It is the energy field that pervades this universe. An increasing number of technologies is emerging, many of them rooted in long-known means of tapping into that energy field, which go beyond sustainability – a word which is so misused and defined in so many ways that no one knows anymore what it means. Something has to be used in sustainable ways only when it is limited.

Free energy used to power this world before the frequency on this planet was downgraded. Most old stone buildings of many shapes and forms such as churches, cathedrals, castles, arches etc. were part of that grid of light before being reinvented for religious and other purposes. Today a variety of research and engineering teams is dedicated to making this energy available large-scale for everyone on this planet. Different technologies connected to water, electromagnetic fields, induction motors etc. are upgraded and refined after being suppressed for so long. Below is a fraction of some of these efforts by teams which we feel are authentic and a reflection of true ethics. Contact us if you have additional suggestions.

New Energy Movement


Network of free energy technology inventors & activists. Breakthrough Power: education & media access tool. Reforming science & raising awareness of new energy technologies incl. plasma systems, low energy nuclear reactions, permanent magnet motors etc. Decentralising energy & building sovereign, resilient communities.

The Nui Foundation for Moral Technology

UK & worldwide

Community Interest Company which assessed 100’s of Clean Energy Technologies over last 10 years. Professional vetting standards, technology incubation & design optimisation – supporting the emergence of decentralised, truly clean technologies that prioritise wellbeing of Earth & its people & amplify nature’s abundance. Creating a worldwide clean energy community which values cooperation & creativity & makes energy technologies accessible for everyone. 

Energy Abundance


Research, networking & education around free/etherial energy technologies, tapping into the Earth’s electromagnetic fields. Towards making clean energy available cheaply everywhere, forming the foundation for ending pollution & destruction of this planet. Book about new energy solutions. (Website in Dutch)

Wonderful video:


Netherlands & worldwide

International network for education about & facilitation of cutting-edge, abundance-based, zero-emissions energy technologies. Variety of technological approaches incl. magnet motors, cold fusion, vortexes, zero-point & hydrogen. Support of new inventions to facilitate their development – bringing together business holders, researchers, artists & public. 



Informational site offering manuals about converting gas-driven cars to water-driven ones, or hybrids (regular fuel & water). Fully water-driven cars run with any water: river, rain, sea water etc. Electric powered, running solely on hydrogen dioxide. 1 liter water powers car for ~ 1 hour at 80 km/h / 50 miles/hour.

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