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Scott Richardson-Read

TRADITIONAL CRAFT & HERITAGE – Scotland ~ Scottish everyday folk traditions, lore & magic through the lens of current Scottish & European culture. Transforming traditional

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Grass Roots Remedies

HEALTH & BODY CARE – Scotland ~ Community herbalism – inclusive & accessible to everyone. Herbal remedy & foraging workshops & medicines – often free

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Creative Fuel

ART – USA ~ Recognising art & creativity as a fundamental requirement for wellbeing & expression of humanness. Developing & mastering creative skills via collaboration-centered

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The Plant Medicine School

EDUCATION – Ireland & Scotland ~ Community herbalism apprenticeships, short courses & clinical practice. Experiencing plant medicine knowledge & skills; reconnecting fully with oneself/nature. Strong focus

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DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY – Australia & worldwide ~ Private, anonymous messaging app: protected geo-location & metadata; end-to-end encrypted communication via decentralised onion routing network. Open-source code.

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