Art is a wonderful tool that can act like postcards into other inner states. They capture glimpses into other realities and can influence how you think or feel. Art has the power to transform a space whether it’s your home or any other surroundings. For this reason the frequency behind an artwork is important. Here we show art that is in alignment with Nature, that reflects Nature and can explain its principles in a single image. A single picture or art piece can hold a lot of information. Long forgotten memories may be triggered, or a state of resonance emerges as you recognise something that is part of you. The artists below are full of free, unrestrained creativity and draw in on these messages whether it is from naturescapes or the rest of the cosmos. It is art that holds purpose and inner connection to bring about new positive realities and internal states the world needs to see and experience. Art, dance and music will experience a strong resurgence over the next years and a much deeper recognition of meaning, after having been pushed to the fringes for so long in many societies. Below you will also find high-frequency platforms that may be useful tools for artists and creatives.

Larissa Davis


Recognising freedom & sovereignty as our birthright, she is creating a Sovereign Collection – unique original mystery paint artworks which function as a currency. A Sovereign can be exchanged for any other Sovereign at any time. Creating art for these times, to support our journeys to sovereignty & wholeness, questioning currency & trade. Combining art with poetry and stories. Finding peace & presence through creativity. Larissa is transitioning to offering her work by donation.

Ulrike Arnold


Paintings made with earth, sand, rock & meteorite dust on large canvas, often in remote places across all continents. Ulrike paints exposed to the weather & natural forces of her environment, capturing the essence & the frequencies of the places she visits. To the viewer her paintings are an invitation to connect with the planet, to see the beauty & vulnerability which is intrinsic to every human being too.

Jonna Jinton


A woman living art & living nature. Handcrafted jewelery, oil painting, music, filmmaking, photography. Using hand-made paint derived from natural earth pigments. Jewelery made from   clean nickel- & lead free sterling silver. Hand-cut gemstones from India. Family business. Unbelievable beauty & creativity. Sharing stories & exploring who we are through art.

Kwani Povi Winder

Santa Clara Pueblo Indian, Utah, USA

Plein Air art, landscapes, native & western, and spiritual/religious art in the form of oil paintings. Identifying how light & form create beauty. Preserving, sharing & educating about her unique heritage through her artwork.

Petra Heveroch


Incredible fine-art, zen art, logos & living symbols – originals & prints. “My art is here to nourish, rebalance, strengthen and clear you. It is your essence, the wonder of life, made visual.” It’s art which recalibrates your system & brings forth core silence. Different types & styles of fine-art paintings reflecting essence of nature & what it means to be human. Creates original pieces in gold. Commission work possible.

Fine Art America profile:

Natural Earth Paint

Oregon, USA

Fine arts supplies, face paints & children’s art supplies, incl. natural earth & mineral pigments sourced from small, family-owned businesses worldwide which harvest ingredients sustainably & ethically. Locally made. Packaging: recycled, or biodegradable plastic bags, recyclable glass, & aluminum bottles, compostable pouches. Solar-powered facility. Supporting environmental organisations.

Hanna Agasuuq Sholl

Sugpiaq/Alutiiq, Alaska, USA

Incredible Alutiiq artist, telling stories through painting & prints, creating colouring books with line drawings of traditional clothing & tools, local animals & Alutiiq language vocabulary. Nesting doll ornaments & beautiful, colourful jewellery crafted from hand tanned, hand dyed, locally caught salmon skin. Sugpiaq weavings in resin. Online exhibition addressing topics like addiction, continues disappearance of women & girls in indigenous communities, violence & modern spirituality in context of indigenousness.


USA, Ireland, Germany & Portugal

Platform for membership based business for artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, communities, nonprofits, journalists, podcasters etc. Creating recurring income through monthly payments from patrons who value the artists’ work, beyond the need to conform to popular taste, algorithms or network executives. Creating community & building creative freedom & independent valuation for artists through direct relationship with their fans who become active participants. Empowering creators & patrons. No ads, no algorithms.

Inuit Art Foundation


Inuit-led foundation supporting & empowering incredible Inuit artists of all media across Canada by making their voices heard & art seen. IAF magazine Inuit Art Quarterly presents & explains circumpolar Indigenous arts, provides artist profiles & is one of the world’s most important voices & platforms for indigenous art. IAF’s Igloo Tag Trademark protects Inuit artists from fraud & cultural appropriation. Rich articles about history of Inuit culture & art-making, its meaning, challenges, events, more. Removing geographic barriers to reaching audiences. Providing training, internships & mentorship opportunities for artists.

Inuit Art Quarterly:

Kate Alexandra Priestley

UK & Spain

Amazing art, writing, and design rooted in embodying nature, living one’s own truth & passion. Communicating energy of high frequency through paintings, photography & digital art. Kate studied graphic design, print, painting, visual communication and psychotherapy. Her creativity is exceptional. It’s more than art, or all that art can be.

Japingka Aboriginal Art


Ethical, fair, authentic artworks from aboriginals of all ages, walks of life & beliefs. Some are cultural authorities, speaking several languages. Website contains much info about artists, their lives, meaning of art, ethics. Incredible use of colours. Following Indigenous Art Code, linked to Aboriginal Art Association of Australia. Conveying importance of culture & land, some artworks reflect sacred creation & dreaming stories.

Rowena Scotney

England, UK

Beautiful, unique art made from felted sheep wool, ethical fleece, beads, sequins, wire, stitching. Intuitive painting originals, cards & prints. A celebration of joy, colour, land & seascapes, nature & wildlife. Art frames made by local framer. Wool from local, small farms or ethical, larger non-mulesed Merino wool suppliers. Intuitive painting & wellbeing workshops etc.

Michelle McKee


Incredible handmade felt art inspired by nature, capturing rugged Irish landscapes & living creativity every day. Blending differently coloured un-spun sheep wool like paint to create new colours. Wool strands are ‘glued’ to bamboo mat with soapy water, finished with embroidery. Part of the Donegal Craft Village.

Earth to Spirit

Ontario, Canada

Incredible, unique truly fairtrade, authentic indigenous artwork, incl. sculptures from soapstone or scrape metal, jewellery, paintings, pottery, bead art, woven baskets & bowls, wire baskets etc. from 100s of artists & co-operatives, incl. disabled artists. Long-term relationships developed > 20 years. Art inspired by nature.

Facebook for more info:

House of the Flying Artists


Vibrant art community – a birthplace & platform for re-rising from the ashes of human creativity, collaboration & abundance. Providing artists with knowledge & tools to digitalise physical art & showcase their work on community’s online platforms incl. OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare – sharing art in new ways, conveying nature’s frequencies. Authentic, creative expression from the whole being. Art traded as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – unique, digital items with decentralised blockchain-managed ownership.

Michelle Turner

England, UK

Acrylic paintings rooted in deep observation of the painted person or scenery. Original artwork & gallery grade prints, also greeting cards & T-shirts. Focus on collaboration, community & networking – creating events together, forming groups, joined projects etc. Portrait workshops & 1:1 sessions. Donation-based. Private commissions possible. Always open to new avenues & development. 

On Instagram:

Prudy Correa

Ácoma Pueblo, New Mexico, USA

Incredible handmade & hand-painted indigenous pottery: figurines, other clay artwork, different types of pots, & mold poured ceramics, all made from natural & locally collected clay & Earth paint ingredients in traditional ways. Passionate third-generation potterer. Her work conveys indigenous stories in such an alive way. Truly fascinating & inspiring.

Sacred House of Enaid

Western Australia

Artist & holistic creative arts therapist & vocal sound healer facilitating deeper re-connection with ourselves via discovery & letting go of unseen or stuck identities & baggage. Recognising humans as multidimenional, powerful “breathing cathedrals” with forgotten capabilities which can be re-found. Also intuitive art workshops & personalised dream state digital & physical artworks/prints. 

Inspirited Art


Living impressive, colourful illustrations with ink pen, water colour, or pencil crayons. Inspired by nature’s beauty & forms. Embodying our innate creativity to its fullest. Art as a communication with ourselves & surroundings.

Marjorie Slooff

Portugal & Netherlands

Wonderful visual artist – glass art, woodcuts, lino, paper & bronze installations, bronze & ceramics sculptures & more. Cherishing playfulness & versatility, supporting sustainability, building community. Teacher of ceramics & glass fusing at SerVivo community, Portugal. Also offers therapeutic massages at SerVivo Sliding scale payments.


Dem. Rep. Congo

Quality story-telling. Deep, meaningful, honest stories which harness histories of place, tradition & people – transforming Africa’s narratives. Training in research work, collaboration strategies, story presentation – the art of capturing & conveying life. Supporting diversity of narratives rather than fixation on few, stereotypical images. Incredible photo series, also poetry (website in French).

Creative Fuel


Recognising art & creativity as a fundamental requirement for wellbeing & expression of humanness. Developing & mastering creative skills via collaboration-centered art workshops, writing groups & interactive programs. Diverse supportive community of explorers, contemplators & artists.

Shona – Art

Germany & Zimbabwe

Fairtrade, hand-made sculptural Shona art incl. recycled metal & stone sculptures & garden art. Rooted in long-term relationships between artists & Shona-Art founder. Sculpture-making courses by experienced Zimbabwean artists & sculpturing teachers in Germany. Creating fair economic bridges between Europe & Africa. Also school project in Zimbabwe.

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