Being in relationship in times of fast-pace change – A conversation with Nicole Gaillard

Nicole and I had a fantastic conversation about letting go of financial collaborations which no longer feel in alignment, dealing with relationship and friendship in tumultuous times, and following internal promptings at an ever deeper level – out of the head and into the body.

Why are so many relationships falling apart? Different levels of embodiment, non-matching paths in these times of transformation – we talked about letting go of gender roles and societal expectations, explored the meaning of equity of men and women, and dove deeper into the importance of clear communication, picking up on our first conversation 2 months ago. We uncovered the magic of nature’s workings when things are aligned, the importance to stop hiding inside and out, and the meaning of courage.

Intuition, instructions, embodiment, internal promptings

You will hear us use the words ‘intuition’, ‘instructions’ and ‘internal promptings’ in an interchangeable way as we recognise that different terms are used in different circles and communities. All three terms are brought back to an embodiment of nature – the underlying intelligence of this universe – the very foundation of physics, biology, the materialisation of form. There is a constant stream of information which arises from silence rather than mental activity, and which we are always connected to. Hearing that stream and acting based on it is embodiment, true intuition; it is the meaning of following our instructions as we all have different and yet very specific contributions to make in these times.

Last video of the series

This will likely be the last video of our conversation series, during the process of which I travelled 3 different countries. When we recorded the first video I was in Ireland, then in France and now I am in Spain. Funny how that unfolded. Different topics linked to different places and yet at the same time relevant everywhere. I love the play of Nature. We hope you enjoyed these videos.

Nicole has now also an English blog which you can find here:

If you like to go deeper

Check out the blog post ‘Radically being oneself’
to read about the current worldwide transformation and what it means to be human. You will find deeper insights into the meaning of Nature, embodiment and the changes needed in our societies, communities and families.

If you like to find out more about the team behind this website, and about my friend Pigi, take a look at our blog post and video about the time Kate (the designer of this website), Pigi and myself just spent together in the Spanish Pyrenees where Kate lives with her partner.

A poem for you

I wrote this poem 2 days ago in the small town of Aitona, Catalonia (Spain), and feel that it goes well with this conversation.

The power in you

What do you need to see your shadow disappear?
Workshops, retreats, ayahuasca, sex, or beer?
Or simply the recognition of what is holding you dear?

Why so many decisions rooted in fear?
When flames of power shoot out of every tear?
Why are you waiting year after year
When an explosion of light is already here?

A single split second stunned by life
Contains it all – no need to strive.
Our words turn into the blade of a knife.
Your smile – a radiating, glowing hive.

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