We want this website to be alive and ever-changing together with current happenings on this planet. Hence we will keep adding businesses, initiatives and organisations to the main website while removing previous ones to avoid overwhelm and overly long and complex pages. In the archive you can continue to access what has been removed from the main website plus what is currently on the website. You can search the entire platform by country, by category or by category and country. We will do our best to keep all links up to date. If you find a link which no longer works, we would appreciate if you can take the time to send us an email and let us know. It’s a community project and will become so even more in the future. Thank you so much for being part of it!

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REVIVING & PROTECTING LIFE – Germany & Europe ~ Protecting large-scale landscapes esp. across the Balkans, incl. wetlands, forests,

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REVIVING & PROTECTING LIFE – Albania ~ Reconnecting nature & human beings by creating more sustainable livelihoods while cherishing

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Inspirited Art

ART – Sweden ~ Living impressive, colourful illustrations with ink pen, water colour, or pencil crayons. Inspired by nature’s

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DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY – France ~ End-to-end encrypted, open-source editing & collaboration suite for shared documents of many types. Free

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DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY – Poland ~ Simple, highly functional, low-radiation/low SAR, internet-free phone. Automatic, self-winding, battery-free watch with vegan straps.

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ABUNDANCE TECHNOLOGY – Netherlands & worldwide ~ International network for education about & facilitation of cutting-edge, abundance-based, zero-emissions energy

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Energy Abundance

ABUNDANCE TECHNOLOGY – Netherlands ~ Research, networking & education around free/etherial energy technologies, tapping into the Earth’s electromagnetic fields.

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La June G1

ECONOMIES OF CARE – France, Spain, International ~ Decentralized, community-driven French currency designed on an ecological blockchain & rooted

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Seeds of Peace

COMMUNITY & COMMUNICATION – USA, Middle East, South Asia, Europe ~ Independent youth leadership development – transforming legacies of

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Agnès Le Moigne

RECONNECTING WITH EARTH – France & Mexico ~ Photography for vibratory artistic healing – supporting reconnection with nature inside

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