We want this website to be alive and ever-changing together with current happenings on this planet. Hence we will keep adding businesses, initiatives and organisations to the main website while removing previous ones to avoid overwhelm and overly long and complex pages. In the archive you can continue to access what has been removed from the main website plus what is currently on the website. You can search the entire platform by country, by category or by category and country. We will do our best to keep all links up to date. If you find a link which no longer works, we would appreciate if you can take the time to send us an email and let us know. It’s a community project and will become so even more in the future. Thank you so much for being part of it!

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ABUNDANCE TECHNOLOGY – Netherlands & worldwide ~ International network for education about & facilitation of cutting-edge, abundance-based, zero-emissions energy

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Energy Abundance

ABUNDANCE TECHNOLOGY – Netherlands ~ Research, networking & education around free/etherial energy technologies, tapping into the Earth’s electromagnetic fields.

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CLOTHING – Netherlands ~ From 30-70% silk-sheep wool underwear to 100% woolen beanies. A complete garderobe full of durable,

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Rewilding Europe

REVIVING & PROTECTING LIFE – Netherlands, Europe ~ Rewilding 15 European landscapes – allowing natural forest regeneration by reducing

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Impact Journey

FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY – Netherlands & worldwide ~ Challenging inequality, exploitation, destruction & misinformation through visual storytelling & slow

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DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY – Netherlands ~ Circular Telecom & IT company offering preventive replacement maintenance & refurbishing services. Collect old

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DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY – Netherlands ~ Phones designed for longevity, easy repair & made with more and more responsibly mined

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COMMUNITY & COMMUNICATION – Netherlands & worldwide ~ Support indigenous communities worldwide, raise awareness, show strength & beauty of

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