Communicating with efficiency & integrity – A conversation with Nicole Gaillard

In this video we dive deeply into the topic of communication. We start with our experiences around transitioning from a smartphone to a simple ‘dumb’ phone (Nicole) and living without a phone altogether (Carina). From that emerges the question of what it means to connect with others and with ourselves, and how the two belong together. How can communication flow easily and well, informed by nature’s integrity and intelligence?

We also touch on some typical societal programs and judgments related to lifestyle esp. the role of silence – quiet time – time for ourselves, and the expectation of consistency in our work life. Based on our personal community work experiences we illustrate how different people have different paths in these times of transformation and point to the importance of granting each other the room needed to navigate smoothly and work efficiently.

Worldwide change has sped up exponentially. Efficiency and true connectedness to ourselves and our communities have become more important than ever. For that it is paramount to live from our whole being which, as we explain, is an entirely different way of operating than mental analysis. We grow together and quickly build a new, more just and enjoyable world by deeply connecting, truly listening and a one-pointed focus when we meet others.

What we are sharing here is a rich and nuanced 35min conversation, and I am very happy that Nicole has reached out and initiated this collaboration. Most likely we will add to this conversation with additional videos over the coming months.

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