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Rooted in meaningful relationship and shared visions, community is everywhere. Family, business, a group of people living together, a local or virtual market, a sport’s team, a joined initiative of any type, but even without that, we are all always connected and working together, even those who live solitarily, like hermits, deeply hidden. Yet the community structures we used to live in have experienced great damage on all these levels, and have been replaced by scarcity, competition, fear, division and dependency on money, often even in remote corners of the world (see Being Human page for more information).

While many people are longing for healthy physical community, harmonious high-frequency collaboration and exploration of new ways of living still seem to predominantly exist distantly – online and via the waters of our being – our biology which connects us in less tangible ways. All water on this planet is constant communication, including the liquids in our bodies. High-frequency human beings are spread out around the world like figures on a chessboard, operating very effectively during this time of transformation, arranged by nature, not by mind. Sometimes we meet and then we part again. Those who embody the essence of what we all are hear the call from the inside out when a move is needed. This is also community and it is fascinating & exciting.

For me relating to each other is rooted in deep listening. Hence sharing a space with others need not be loud. Much communication happens silently. Feeling each other can often say more than words. Spoken conversation is becoming more and more concise, effective & powerful, more simple, pointed and purposeful. Details are felt while words are spoken. Communication in this way is deeper and a foundation for healthy community. You can take a deeper look at this topic on our blog posts ‘Community – Genuinely feeling life‘ and Communication with efficiency & integrity – A conversation with Nicole Gaillard.

Nature’s principles of equity, efficiency, transparency, openness and inclusiveness are reflected in high-frequency community through authentic engaging out of the purity of our own knowing that comes out of the connectedness with all life. Calculating behaviours – left behind. The inside and the outside match. We hear and see each other in the true meaning of these words, being a group as well as individuals. We know and respect that – just like nature is dynamic – communities keep changing in structure, composition, purpose and size. No trying to make something work that no longer aligns. People and circumstances change. No need to control others.

Agreements and the structure of the community are fully transparent to the group whether it is a family, a business, or a dance circle. And yet, like nature, community unfolds without agenda. This is where logic fails and our whole being really begins to lead us. Don’t try to live by what I write, or by what others say. Live your truth, rooted in the purity of your wisdom, and community will ensue. This website is abundant with high-frequency community across all pages, so is this entire planet. Below are some examples of what we more conventionally associate with the term community, be it virtual or physical. There are so many forms it can take.

The Real Food Movement


Creating community around healthy, high-quality food – creating networking opportunities by connecting small-scale growers growers with restaurants, consultants, health stores etc. Supporting full product traceability. Focus on preserving heirloom & heritage varieties. Supporting fine art, photography, graphic design.

Purification Space


Joined by a body signal – brilliant, alive. Purifying this world together of old, redundant and dysfunctional patterns, & establishing the new high frequencies physically on this planet. This space & community has changed my (Carina) life completely – upgrading my biology & frequency settings. Embodying a very material form of love.

Together Movement


Community which aims to embody love & mutual responsibility and, based on that, creates new systems for health, education, economy, new media & communication systems etc. It’s a network of hundreds of large organisations & communities of entrepreneurs and business people.

Common Future

USA & Canada

Empowering marginalized communities to create equity & racial & economic justice. Multiethnic community of foundation leaders, investors, artists, managers, visual storytellers which together envision, fund & implement projects that enhance local, self-determined economies in disadvantaged communities – creating equitable access to resources, tools & opportunities & employee ownership. Merging talent, knowledge & practical expertise. Shifted $280 million toward community investment across USA. Transforming corporate business & challenging our thinking, hierarchies, social norms & systems. Constantly transitioning in alignment with Earth changes.



World’s oldest eco village & legacy of pioneering teacher Sesselja Sigmundsdóttir. Self-sustaining community creating opportunities esp. for those marginalised by society. Live in, with & as nature. 120 permanent residents, 45 of whom have learning difficulties. Community organic farming – growing wide variety of foods incl. vegetables, potatoes & herbs in geothermal greenhouses. One of Iceland’s largest producers of organic vegetables. Home of Iceland’s only organic forest nursery. Community features 2 guest houses, café, organic store, > 30,000 visitors per year.

The Bristol Bike Project

England, UK

Repairing & rehoming 2nd hand bicycles with marginalised & disadvantaged community members, providing affordable, healthy transport & a sense of belonging & self-sufficiency. Access to space, tools & learning for bike repair. A working community living equity, inclusivity & empowerment. Reuse of materials wherever possible. Profits from selling & repairing bikes go back into community work. A member-lead coop with > 100 volunteers, which started out with 2 people providing transport to asylum seekers.
The early days film:

Pun Pun


Intentional community focused on organic farming, seed saving & building from natural materials. Values: equity between community members, natural abundance, healthy team work, sharing, learning by doing. Offer volunteer opportunities & workshops/education around earthen building, Thai cooking & community-living. Non-monetary sharing fairs.

How to start a community:


USA & worldwide

Vibrant worldwide online community of people who support each other in navigating these times, create new opportunities together & move towards creating new societies aligned with nature. Hosting conversations, sharing news & tools, offering workshops & discussions on cryptocurrency, sovereignty, resiliency, digital & medical technology, guarding young people etc. Podcast featuring emerging paradigms for limitless, abundant living. Private online social network to step away from corrupt social media platforms.

Mackay Homeschool Community

Queensland, Australia

Highly inclusive, thriving intentional group & co-operative of families from all walks of life & homeschooling approaches who gather for support, friendship, learning experiences & community. Connecting through nature walks, fairs, community garden visits, homeschool market, camping weekends, craft circles etc. Practicing full responsibility, mutual respect, skilled conflict management & healthy communication. Lot’s of homeschooling resources incl. podcasts, networks access, courses, ebooks.

Iakionhnhéhkwen – We Sustain Life

Ontario, Canada

Uniting 4 important grassroots community-based initiatives across indigenous clans & tribes, removing barriers, to increase community resilience, regeneration & sustainability. Rites of Passage – acknowledging & empowering youth. Workshops & books about ancestral knowledge. Traditional ways of trauma-relief & mediation esp. related to mass incarceration, discrimination & marginalization of native communities. Driving woman’s rights movement & restorative justice initiatives. Full moon gatherings – ceremonialising & restoring knowledge about cycles within. Free home-made community meals. Celebrating traditional ways & supporting families.

Center for Humans and Nature

Illinois, USA

Community of artists, photographers, academics, writers, activists & more exploring our relationships & responsibilities to each other & all life. Offering diverse perspectives on what it means to be human in an interconnected world through art, books, essays, ‘Minding Nature’ magazine etc. Nonprofit organisation, publisher & forum, dismantling cultural structures built on racism, inequality & exploitation.


Netherlands & worldwide

Support indigenous communities worldwide, raise awareness, show strength & beauty of indigenous cultures, identify challenges, invest funds & material, teach skills & share expertise. Incredible long term projects around Nepalese indigenous filmmaking, fa language preservation in Benin, Tapajós Amazon rainforest peoples & extractive industries, freeing West Papua from genocide, Kichwa ancestral knowledge etc. Workshops in visual documentation, Indigenous Artist Awards, large collaboration network. Transparency in work, finances etc.

Allied Media Projects

Michigan, USA

Incredible media-based community-organising network, merging media, art & technology for personal & systemic transformation towards true liberation, justice & care. Storytelling platforms & programs. Fiscal sponsorship, training & capacity-building for aligned people & projects. Indigenous networking. Educate about AI, healthy, relationship-based technology etc. Piloting 4-day work week – people aren’t machines. Focus on local & worldwide collaboration, creativity, skill-sharing, long-term solutions. Acknowledging indigenous lands.

Introduction video:



Living systems of generic, decentralised, open-source, highly personalised group collaboration spaces which are independent of the use of specific technologies. Creating new ways of online community & communication inspired by nature & facilitating “large-scale collective sense-making across cultural & memetic boundaries”. Building on Holochain’s agent-driven data-storage technology, deepening the paradigm shift in web software. Maintaining ownership of data. Combining Holochain, blockchains, IPFS etc. Collaborations with Flux & Symphonics.



Advanced worldwide ethical business community, combining technologies & platforms which support the planet, communities, children & indigenous cultures via transforming shopping behaviour & social media. Marketplace for ethical products & secure social network. Driven by young people & a global network of investors & partners. Built on transparency, fair trade, sustainability & right to privacy. 50% profits go towards funding projects which support Tribees’ values such as planet cleanup.

Seeds of Peace

USA, Middle East, South Asia, Europe

Independent youth leadership development – transforming legacies of conflict into courage to lead change. Empowering sexually assaulted young people in Pakistan, teens in Israel, refugees in UK etc. 95% of Israeli & Palestinian participating youth formed positive relationships with someone from ‘the other side’ through Seeds of Peace. Commitment to dialogue & informed leadership emerging from local circumstances. Dissolving division related to gender, religion, politics, ethnicity etc. Active in 27 countries. Education programs, fellowships, skill-building summer camps etc.

Introduction video:

Free Folk Project


Physical & international online community reclaiming sovereignty & educating across all aspects of life. Growing own food organically, owning one’s health in alignment with who we are, self‑realised learning for kids, natural building, energy independence… Free & full uncensored expression & collaboration. Embodying integrity. Documentary series coming.

The Circle Way


Circular gatherings & conversations for equity, inclusiveness & meaningful dialogue. Harnessing creativity, wisdom & clarity. Re-introducing circles into professional & personal social settings. Creating network of circle practitioners who stand for racial, gender, ethnic, economic & environmental justice. Small grants related to circle work available.

Sea Dream Press


An Authors Collective and Writerly Guide for autobiographies, psychology, philosophy, spirituality; where the creative muse has access to editing, writing classes, and support in writing & publishing including the use of the Sea Dream Press logo if needed. Led by a gifted visionary, mentor & facilitator who brings the author to the forefront of the publishing process.

Monty Roberts – Join-Up

California, USA

Non-violent horse communication via a bond of trust & understanding & use of the horses’ body language – leaving behind harmful training methods by cooperating rather than forcing. Courses, workshops, conferences; bringing together practical expertise & science. Training & re-homing difficult horses. Also horse therapy for PTSD in veterans.

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