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In this space we share conversations with people who have found empowering ways to reduce their dependency on money and banking. We would like to show you some of the many ways in which this is possible, inspire you and support you along your path of navigating these times. We discuss economies of care, bartering, gifting, reducing & simplifying in daily life, letting go of bank accounts – using cash only – and how all of this is genuinely connected to, and rooted in abundance.

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Indigenous barter systems, reduced dependency on money and the courage to trust and navigate massive life changes – a conversation with Agnès Le Moigne

Agnès is a fascinating woman and nature photographer, originally from France but now living in Mexico where exchange at a local, indigenous barter market is part of the current unfolding of her new life of deep transformation. Due to a difficult history of disease Agnès has come to appreciate situations which take her out of her comfort zone and lead her to ever new experiences of who she can be. Enjoy her fascinating story. You will also hear some drumming in the background as a group of street musicians decided to play in front of her house as we were recording the conversation. So is life in Mexico – rich, spontaneous, unpredictable.

Here is the link to Agnès’ website and her blog post about the indigenous barter market she engages with in Mexico. Also lot’s of additional info about her story of recovery from difficult disease in unconventional ways https://agneslemoigne.art/patzcuaro-barter-market/. Don’t forget to check out her beautiful nature photography on the same website.

Living in, and embodying abundance without dependency on money  – a conversation with Owen Hanner

Owen is a musician from the UK, now living in the Spanish Pyrenees, who grew up with a mindset of poverty. His fascinating story describes how life brought him to exactly the situations and people he needed to step by step transform his patterns and break free from lack. He still uses money but the dependency has vanished. Enjoy our audio track interspersed with Owen’s beautiful music.

Owen’s website: https://owenhanner.wixsite.com/owen
Owen on Bandcamp: https://owenhanner.bandcamp.com/

You may have noticed that we mentioned a person called Jacqueline Hobbs, or Oracle Girl in the interview. If you are not familiar with her work, here is the link to her website: www.oraclegirl.org. Participation in the space she offers has transformed both my life and that of Owen beyond description, and has lead to much personal empowerment based on our own choices and connectedness with all life rather than through some form of dependency on a system, or guru figure.


Intro: Sand-to-Sea, excerpt
(on landing in Alicante, 2021)

12:19: Harp: In shore of a sea of stars
(Pyrenees, 2022)
24:56: Sand-to-Sea, pt 2.
40:18: Offering My Flame
(Pyrenees, 2022)
49:16: Sennen Song
(UK, 2020)
1:11:53: Mystery of Day, excerpt
(Pyrenees, 2022)
1:22:40: Mystery of Day, pt. 2

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