Towards gift economies

Our donation model – Gift economies & staying in alignment


This website is a gift with which we would like to contribute to these times of deep transformation, challenge and exciting opportunities. It is a project which Kate and I both feel is needed as a compass, a community endeavor, a set of frequency markers and an opportunity for sharing. The feedback we have received from many people is confirming that. Yet we also have to ensure that our needs are met and that everyone can stay in alignment – we and you.

Our effort

The website has been a big project which continuously takes a lot of our time as there is so much to it: engaging with businesses, artists & their websites, writing blog posts, sorting out our donation model, writing introductions to all the different pages, designing the website, sharing our story, communicating with the people who reach out to us, sharing about the website so that more people can benefit from it etc. Despite the simplicity of the platform, there are many strings involved which together form a web, an ecosystem which develops a life of its own, and which needs continuous mutual nourishment.

The donation model

With our donation model we have created an opportunity for you to give back so that we all can stay in healthy balance of giving and receiving – you and the website team. It is a space where you can give what feels in alignment, considering your personal financial situation, the value the website has to you and your internal promptings emerging from that. There is no specific amount of money which is more adequate than another. What is important in this donation system is that you decide for yourself, based on your situation and internal wisdom, rather than by consulting others, or comparing yourself with others. There is no minimum donation for using this website, neither do we ask the businesses, projects and initiatives we add for compensation. We don’t put a financial value on our work because there is no such thing. It means something else for every person. The website is a gift – it is freely given to all involved. This is our way of leaving behind a system of commodification of people, goods and services. Everyone should have excess to what we have to offer. Nobody should be excluded. With your donation you maintain a balance of giving and receiving for yourself and also for us which then ensures that we can continue with, and expand the project.

Low on money, or don’t like to use money?

Many of us find less and less ways to participate in the financial system while staying true to who we are and what we want to support in this world. Hence many of us are low on money and/or increasingly withdrawing from that way of exchange altogether. This is why it is important to us that you have other ways to participate in the project and to give back for what you feel you receive through our work. Are excited about writing and sharing a story which you feel other people may benefit from? Take a look at our ‘Share a story’ page. Do you know an artist, business, or project which you feel should be featured on this website? Do you have feedback which may help us make this website even more exciting, or easier to use, or do you have thoughts about our donation model, community approach, or way of redefining ethics? Feel free to Contact us. Do you have opportunity to share about this website with a larger audience so that more people can benefit from this project? We also invite guest blog posts esp. from businesses, people and initiatives which are already featured on this website. These are all gifts you can make which are much appreciated.


And if nothing is coming up and you genuinely feel in alignment, then this website may be a gift to you which is provided by nature to rebalance the ways in which you have given before. Similarly on our end we constantly receive from various direction. by far not all exchange is direct, or immediate. This is how nature works which forms the foundation for the principles of gift economies.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for being here and for being part of this transformation. 
Your monetary donations will be used to pay for website expenses, to cover Kate’s basic needs (Carina no longer has a bank account and operates almost entirely outside the financial system), and to support positive high-frequency projects, businesses & artists.

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