Economies of care

The way we trade, offer services and prosper is changing profoundly across the planet. The centralised and highly digitalised worldwide financial and economic system is operating in ways which are dysfunctional, non-acceptable and outright destructive, deeply harming the Earth, devaluing life in all its forms, creating scarcity & inequality on a massive scale, and increasingly excluding everyone who does not comply with standards introduced by an elite which does not serve humanity. In response to that, and in alignment with current frequency changes on this planet, many people, businesses, initiatives & communities choose alternative forms of exchange which involve true cooperation & care, generate abundance, include everyone who takes part equally and with mutual respect, and which are rooted in integrity and continuous responsibility-taking. Such exchange and collaboration can happen in many ways and emerging economies of care will keep transforming until we are aligned with nature’s principles and have fully realised what we deeply want to see in our communities.

Nature, the underlying structure of intelligence in this universe, is very abundant when expressed freely. It neither knows debt, nor scarcity, nor is it rooted in mind-based calculation. It is a self-balancing system and its expression in our communities locally and worldwide can go as far as we want it to. Even under the most difficult of circumstances nature is constantly giving. Even the most barren landscapes provide water and food. And the barrenness we see currently in our landscapes is predominantly due to the suppression of nature. That suppression can never fully happen because it is not in alignment with the structure of this universe. Moreover that suppression is leaving because it no longer is the dominant force on this planet. The dominant force is us.

Nature provides without asking for return, but if you are in alignment with the core of who and what we all are, then it is a pleasure to reciprocate and to see nature thrive even more in response. It is a joy to give and to know with deep trust that nature always finds ways to provide for us, sometimes from the most unexpected direction. It is also our responsibility to return and to nourish what gives us life but once we fully embody that intelligence, then exchange happens by itself. It takes on different forms in different circumstances but there is no fighting for profit and no fear of being left out. It is a different world which we are quickly entering and see materialising before our eyes. These times are an opportunity for us to live our integrity and the more we do that the sooner we won’t know anything but care economies anymore.

Gift economy

A short, sweet introduction video. Enjoy, it’s a gift!

Gift economy – relationship – abundance:


A short, sweet introduction video. Enjoy, it’s a gift!

What we see materialising are sliding scales, donation systems, exchange based on decentralised blockchain and cryptocurrencies, local currencies, barter systems and free giving with a trust in nature to rebalance which it always does given we operate from the correct frequency setting. Whole communities are evolving around these new ways of doing business. New currencies, or non-monetary ways of exchange can be based on skills, materials, knowledge, time, a song, or a smile of deep recognition, and are rooted in the underlying cultural landscape of a place. Many businesses on this website are worker-owned cooperatives which have thrown overboard old hierarchical structures and the commodification of human life. This is not romanticism but the realisation in form of how human beings naturally thrive.

Can we drop our agendas and be open to free ways of exchange? Many of us are already living it. Giving and receiving are not separate. They are the same. They come together. Personally, most of my work I have freely given throughout my life and I can say from experience that i never faced scarcity or debt despite hardly ever having a monetary income, certainly never a regular one. What we have to give, or receive is not a commodity, not a resource, or an ecosystem service, it is a gift, and trade can be the true meeting of two or more people in full support and appreciation of life and human being. You can find examples of this new world on many pages of this website. Below are more because nature is abundant 🙂 For more information about gift economies you can read our blog about the topic.

One Small Town

South Africa & worldwide

Movement turning small towns into places of abundance through integrated community development, eradicating modern slavery. Includes trading platform for Infinity tokens – OST’s community cryptocurrency & NFT rooted in labour. Currently valued against USD. Free of charge trading. Tokens stored in wallets on OST platform. Creating large-scale seed banks, supporting community-owned organic farming etc. No trading with other cryptocurrencies. Further types of tokens planned to be launched.

Robin Wall Kimmerer – The Serviceberry: An Economy of Abundance


Nature could not be explained more clearly. A short & powerful, beautiful essay which gives a glimpse of Robin’s deep work exploring gift economy, intentionally created scarcity, natural abundance, the role of relationship, gratitude & reciprocity for exchange & a gift’s increase in value, nurturing of community bonds – bonds of affection – through gifting & more. Living abundance through healthy interdependence & true collaboration – this is community & nature.

Seeds Crypto Project


High-frequency, decentralised, equity-centered cryptocurrency project. Creating a new economic system which respects the Earth & our communities & lives prosperity. Rewarding regeneration of the planet, transparency, equity & true teamwork. No transaction fees. Full personal control over your money. A platform where you can use your voice to change the way we work. Supporting local food movement. Stability created not by reference to US$ but to the purchasing power within its own economy. Created without debt & interest.

Let’s Barter NL

Newfoundland, Canada

A simple platform for non-monetary exchange built by a simple, smart & tough community which has been my (Carina) home for 5 years. Using local currency, goods exchange, exchange of time, skills etc. which reflect local culture & economy. The price is set by personal integrity. Bridging the gap between unmet needs & underutilized community resources.

Don’t Pay Me


Documentary portraying people who live outside the financial system. Sharing knowledge, homes, food, skills, time. Finding new and fulfilling ways of living.

Octave Leap

South Africa & Bali

Vast knowledge about & passion for new ways of business aligned with nature’s principles incl. holistic marketing, decentralised cryptocurrency & the surrounding community of people who drive the change. Monthly workshops, 1:1 coaching, 12-week business course, weekly podcast, e-books – creating economic sovereignty for everyone. Sliding scale & donation-based payments.

United People Foundation

Netherlands & worldwide

Social entrepreneurship network based on honouring social & international rights & basic freedoms, true stewardship of all life, shared values. Worldwide financial platform rooted in time/labour-based fixed-value URA coin for currency. URA platform is a cooperative business platform & directory, marketplace, community meeting place. Working towards fair & just circular economy, true abundance icl. free energy systems (UPF Youth Division). Connecting global & local. Strong expertise in finances & entrepreneurship; deep understanding of very roots of scarcity in this world. Great foundation for transformation.

Oshun Center for Intercultural Healing

USA & Canada

Small business incubator, interracial collective & learning space for ancestral ways of healing & birthing. Led by Ihotu Ali, a multiethnic maternal health researcher, speaker, consultant & teacher on economic justice tools incl. sliding scale fee, solidarity economy, cultural appropriation, racism in health care, allyship. Public courses & consulting on decolonizing & democratizing business & medicine. Going beyond scarcity & inequality. Ihotu also offers cultural bodywork & birth support.

Blog post about sliding scale:

Worts & Cunning Apothecary

California, USA

Introduction to sliding scale, freely giving, care economy & leaving behind scarcity – creating accessibility of services & products for everyone, developing trust in the community, honoring the giver & the receiver equally. Links to additional material on sliding scale, donation system etc. Alexis is also a teacher & writer about western herbalism rooted in social justice & inclusivity, & offers in-person remedy sessions – helping people remember their own healing powers. Also astrology, tarot & circle of herbal medicine (private online community), etc.

Blog post about sliding scale:

Charles Eisenstein


Teacher, speaker & writer focusing on money & cultural transformation. Courses about rethinking this world, questioning, de-constructing identities & programmed narratives, finding back to our own power & inner authority, setting boundaries, being in community etc. Payment by sliding scale/donation. Video below about downfalls of old financial system & our new evolving gift economies.

Nimiq – Crypto for Humans

Germany & Europe

High-frequency, inclusive blockchain & decentralised, open-source payment system. No signup, download or personal data required. Direct connection between your bank account & crypto wallet. Supports Bitcoin. Simplifying payments & banking. Non-profit, created through teamwork. Standing for true financial freedom & personal control of one’s money. Featuring a big online community.

Agnès Le Moigne

France & Mexico

Check out Agnès’ blog post about her personal experience of participating in a traditional indigenous barter market in Mexico. Generosity, care, independence… Changing the way we trade. An indigenous people which managed to retain their language & culture.

JEU – Jardin d’Echange Universel

France, Benelux, Quebec

Decentralized currency of abundance for exchange of goods, services & information, managed by entire community, based on dedicated time. Space of sovereignty to experiment & create what we passionately want to see unfold. Merging projects & people, establishing relationships. No limits, no hierarchy, no debt, no inflation. (website in French).

La June G1

France & international

Decentralized, community-driven French currency designed on an ecological blockchain & rooted in free money system – no debt, interest, or exchange rate. Currency continuously created by participating members, embodying collaboration & mutual support. Leaving behind fear of financial future. Reflecting nature’s principles more than other currencies. Popular on food markets in France, Spain & some French islands – creating a parallel economy (website in French).

Our donation model

We envision a change towards gift economies rooted in the very same ways in which nature operates. Our donation model is based on these principles. If you like this website which is a gift from us to you, fueled by endless hours of connecting with people, businesses and initiatives, please take a look at our Donation page to find out how you can reciprocate, or pass on that gift. Or, if you already know our model and would like to be part of it in a monetary way, you can go straight to Donate below. Thank you!

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