Fast-pace change, turmoil, uncertainty – A conversation with Nicole Gaillard

Join me for a 2nd rich conversation with Nicole Gaillard, this time about how we stay on track and in our bodies with both feet on the ground in times of fast transformation within and around us. We discuss how we navigate the labyrinth of daily choices which come and go at fast pace while keeping our boundaries secure and our commitments met. In the moment decision-making, the catching of opportunities, the turning of life into art – capturing the beauty of it all while feeling the intensity and engaging deeply and in meaningful ways with the world around us.

Nicole and I live very different lives and yet we are experiencing exactly the same challenges and successes. While change and uncertainty are playing out in Nicole’s family and financial life I am going through a constant restructuring of my travels and the connection to and communication with a good friend whom I have joined in southern France 2 weeks ago. We share with you how we both are turning into artists in these times because nature forces us into that path of worldwide re-balancing. Art, music and beauty – immediate gateways to natures intelligence – have been pushed to the margins for centuries and are now reemerging as essential aspects of the thriving of humanity internally and externally.


Nicole’s website (in Dutch) –

Our first conversation – Communicating with efficiency and integrity

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