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Permaculture, silviculture, agroforestry, urban farming, biodynamic principles, edible landscaping, water retention landscapes, sustainable fishing, foraging, seed saving, mushrooming, regenerative agriculture – the many possibilities to grow or obtain food organically & sustainably can be a bit overwhelming 🙂 Luckily, really this 20min film says it all:

Food, Earth, Happiness

Japan, South Korea & USA

Learning from nature by doing, in the process of farming, finding one’s own knowledge. No plowing, tilling, weeding, or fertiliser necessary. Adjusting to the land & being a part of it. Inspired by the work & philosophy of Masanobu Fukuoka.

Food, Earth, Happiness

Japan, South Korea & USA

Learning from nature by doing, in the process of farming, finding one’s own knowledge. No plowing, tilling, weeding, or fertiliser necessary. Adjusting to the land & being a part of it. Inspired by the work & philosophy of Masanobu Fukuoka.

More important than knowing what any of these terms mean is that we are connected to ourselves. Then these ways of growing food and being with the land can be used as an orientation but knowing what of all this is relevant for you, what needs to be modified and how, always comes from the inside out, taking account of individual circumstances. You already know. And really, when I look at this page I think: nice – how exciting to see the way we grow food change (back) so fundamentally, and how far away from where we can go. I want to see this world go far beyond current movements & practices surrounding sustainable farming, want to see us use energetically charged water systems, high-frequency music and much more. Plants can grow so differently from what we know. Soon…

But still, here is a short introduction & some insight into a few of the many high-frequency projects currently out there:

Permaculture is a holistic design system for organic, resilient living & land use, incl. food production, based on universal ethics that emerge out of nature’s principles. It is meant to be integrated harmoniously with the natural environment. Permaculture typically involves animal husbandry, sustainable, organic, no-till gardening & agroforestry, and goes hand in hand with soil health, resiliency, self-sufficiency & general no-harm principles. Permaculture is also a movement involving honest care of the Earth & its people. Food forests typically mimic natural forests with a combination of native trees & a diversity of primarily edible & medicinal plants.

Biodynamic principles farming is a holistic, ecological & ethical approach to gardening, food & nutrition rooted in the work of Rudolf Steiner, which views a farm or garden as a living organism. Focus is on plant & animal diversity and on health & resilience of the whole, the foundation for which is healthy soil.

Regenerative agriculture is also rooted in improving soil health which then naturally enhances water quality & productivity. All sustainable farming systems start with healthy soil. Five core principles of regenerative agriculture: minimised soil disturbance, maximised crop diversity, continuous soil cover, living root maintained year-round & integrated animal husbandry.

Deep Green Permaculture

Victoria, Australia

A spring of permaculture wisdom. Thriving permaculture food forest in Melbourne’s suburbs. Offering workshops. Supporting community gardening projects. The website is an example of true knowledge-sharing about soils, plant diseases, composting, growing fruit, berries, herbs, vegetables etc.

Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture

Hopi Nation, Arizona, USA

Indigenous-led community non-profit featuring youth programs, trade, barter & exchange-based farmer’s market which connects local farmers, sustainable homeownership program, natural building program etc. Rebuilding culturally sustainable & healthy communities. Revitalizing Hopi culture, knowledge & traditions. Decolonising food systems & community.

Shared Earth


Connecting land owners with gardeners & farmers to use land optimally esp. in urban areas, turning residential backyards & commercial properties into food gardens while creating community around local, organic food.

Atebubu & Wiase Forest Landscape Restoration


A Living Lab to generate landscape & community resiliency & sustainability. 5 to 10-year project initiated & lead by local communities. Collaborations with local stakeholders & international partners for natural forest restoration, agroforestry, fruit trees & regenerative agriculture. Improving soil & water quality, increasing biodiversity & protecting watersheds.

Indigenous Food Lab

Minnesota, USA

Professional indigenous kitchen & training center. Preserving indigenous culture through reviving, living & teaching food as medicine based on ancestral knowledge on responsible foraging, farming, food preparation & indigenous diets. Reviving traditional heirloom food plant varieties. Making indigenous foods accessible to areas that need it most. Developing tribal community kitchens across North America. Collaboration of multiple native tribes & staff from Bolivia, Mexico, Rapa Nui etc. – living inclusiveness, decolonising food, restoring sovereignty.

Eagle Ridge Seeds

British Columbia, Canada

A Living Seed Bank specialised in endangered vegetables, herbs, flowers, tomatoes, peppers. & bee-supporting seed collections. Promoting preservation of plant diversity. Producing nutritious seeds resistant to disease & pests with sustainable gardening methods beyond organic standards since decades. No tilling. Use of local canary reed grass for mulching. All seeds produced at the farm.

Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm

British Columbia, Canada

Growing organic blueberries, strawberries, vegetables, eggs & cows using Biodynamic Principles & Soil Food Web Approach. Strong focus on soil & plant health as well as the inclusion of young people & their wisdom. Pioneer in organic farming (since 1977). Selling at 8 local farmer’s markets. Family farm including 12 young people.

Lofoten Seaweed

Lofoten, Norway

Wild-foraged seaweed harvested sustainably in a naturally highly productive region. Harvested by hand, avoiding bycatch & cut such that root system & lots of leaf tissue is left in place for regrowth. Harvesting takes place after seaweed reproduction when at a healthy length. Careful monitoring of growth, ensuring healthy recovery.

Planet local: A Quiet Revolution

Local Futures, USA & UK

Beautiful movie explaining the importance of supporting & building local economies & organic small-scale farms. Forming community, connecting, exchanging, leaving competitiveness behind. Dissolving unhealthy dependencies, unnecessary transport & waste. Nourishing human beings & the planet. Undoing colonialism & corporatocracy.

The Open Source Seed Initiative

Canada, Australia & UK

Free the seed! By law patented & protected seeds cannot be saved, replanted, or shared by farmers & gardeners, and cannot be used to create new plant varieties which form the foundation for just & sustainable farming. Patenting & restrictive contracts are used negatively to enhance corporate control over seeds & farmers. A handful of companies account for most commercial breeding & seed sales worldwide. Inspired by free & open source software movement. Maintaining fair & open access to plant genetic diversity worldwide. Ensuring freedom for farmers, gardeners, breeders & communities. > 500 varieties protected. Partnering with plant breeders, businesses, non-profits & artists who spread the word. OSSI T-Shirts made with organic cotton.

Collaborating with sibling projects in Germany, Kenya, India, Argentina, Italy, the Philippines & Thailand as GOSSI – Global Coalition of Open Source Seed Initiatives:

Sonic Bloom


Plant growth technology combining organic nutrients & sound. Plant growth beyond normal growing season, faster growth, much higher yields, higher seed germination rates, abundant, superior tasting foods, drought resistance, much reduced plant disease. Tested for nuts, fruit, vegetables, beans, alfalfa, lettuce, medicinal herbs, trees in USA, Sudan, Indonesia etc. Synthesized birdsong causes stomata/breathing holes of leaves to open wider, allowing more CO2 & nutrient intake. Simple & affordable. Starter kit to industrial application. Solar-powered audio boxes. Inventor does not sell patent to corporate industries, hence has not been supported/promoted.

Used successfully in Australia & New Zealand:

Sepp Holzer Permaculture


Living permaculture since decades, maximizing the abundance of healthy soil life on his farm (microbes, mycelium, earth worms, insects etc.). No artificial irrigation but rain water catchment & creation of springs. Collaboration with animals & reversal of land degradation. Reconnecting with nature – finding oneself. Large variety of design types incl. crater garden, terracing, rain water retention, hügelbeds, food forestry, mushroom culturing etc. Expert in water retention landscapes. Offering consulting worldwide.


New South Wales, Australia

Whole new way of extracting honey from Langstroth-style beehives such that honey simply flows into the trough, through the tube & into jar without disturbing or injuring the bees. Side observation window to see when honey is ready. Protecting & celebrating pollinators, regenerating the planet. Supporting habitat protection & reforestation projects. Building community. Bee suits made from organic cotton. Run by father-son duo. B Corp.

Earth Repair

Canada & USA

Turning toxic & damaged landscapes into healthy, fertile gardens through grassroots bioremediation. Let microorganisms, fungi & plants break down toxic substances. Book covers everything from turning abandoned city lots into urban farms to cleanup after industrial disasters, oil spills, nuclear fallout etc. Working with nature to create healthy soil. All material by Leila Darwish – community organiser, bioremediation educator, author, disaster response & recovery worker, activist for environmental justice & decolonisation. Sliding scale tuition & payment plans for courses.

The Edible Schoolyard Project

USA & worldwide

Movement towards transforming education in organic school gardens, kitchens, cafeterias. More than teaching – young people connect around food in all its dimensions – as an edible medium of culture, science, ecology & social (in)justice. Focus of teaching on values of nourishment, stewardship & community. Providing free, organic school lunches. Cutting through inequality & exclusiveness. Edible Schoolyard Network connects > 5800 programs from 53 US states & 75 countries on all continents.

EcoDesign Hive


Permaculture / Ecological Design courses, research, social network for community & advice all offered on donation-basis for inclusivity. Courses for beginners, to build permaculture business, 1 year weekly in-depth course and more. Permaculture colouring book. Women writer’s challenge.

Yannick Van Doorne


Enhancing plant growth & bee health via electroculture techniques that amplify natural electrical or magnetic energies. Pyramid, technology, paramagnetic basalt, cosmotelluric antenna, water dynamization devices etc. Lot’s of info on history of electroculture & how to use electroculture methods for gardening & beekeeping. Going beyond fertilisers.

Food is Free Project


Movement of reconnecting with neighbours, creating community gardens in front yards & sharing the harvest. > 350 projects worldwide. Reducing dependency on fragile, unreliable supply chains & creating community food sovereignty. Project guide & lots of resources on website. Also offering advice.

Masarang Foundation


Agroforestry, restoring & protecting high-diversity rainforests & endangered animals, improving local life quality. Preserving local cultures & skills while pioneering new agricultural methods which work hand in hand with nature. Reversing poverty & deforestation (caused by biofuel & palm oil industries) via responsible palm sugar, medicine, fruit, wood & energy production. Strong focus on project integration in local values & culture. Strengthening indigenous rights.

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Artist Hotspot

Japingka Aboriginal Art
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