Gift economies – Going deeper

You can find an introduction to gift economies on our earlier blog post on this topic. Information about different forms of care-based trade and business can be found on the ‘Economies of care’ page together with examples of businesses and initiatives which are already operating in these new ways.

With this video I dive deeper into the backbone of gift economies:

Key take-away points from the video

  • Gift economy is not a concept but a reflection of the ways in which nature operates.
  • Nature is abundant and gift economies reflect that abundance. Even in these times nature continuously rebalances and when we are in alignment and embody nature’s principles, then what we need simply comes into our field and all we need to do is recognise and chose it.
  • What we believe we need is not always what we actually need. Belief is rooted in thought.
  • True abundance is a frequency setting which most people are already on, but are not embodying. Instead decisions and actions arise from mental thoughts which are not a reflection of who and what we are. Gift economies are linked to that setting.
  • In gift economies giving happens without agenda. When nature gives it simply does that out of a spontaneous impulse – there is no concept of receiving in exchange involved, yet exchange may and often does happen. The apples simply grow and ripen, becoming available for us to eat but there is no expectation regarding what we do with that gift, or whether or not we give back. Recognise the importance of spontaneity.
  • Gift economies do not require letting go of money entirely. This is a common misconception. Rather there are no fixed values which can be mind-boggling because we have deeply accepted monetary values put on everything, as if there was truth in these numbers … there isn’t but that perception is rooted in mental programming. Do you recognise that?
  • The basis for gifting is meaningful relationship and care.
  • Negotiated exchange, including bartering, exists in nature just like gifts can be exchanged rather than moving one way only.

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