Gift economies, my financial story & embodying nature – Interview with Petra Heveroch

Over the last weeks many people have asked me to share about my story of minimal engagement with the financial system throughout life, finding ever more alternative ways of exchange, and connecting deeper and deeper with a passion for nature and gift economies. I am happy to share that Petra Heveroch, an incredible artist and good friend of mine, has interviewed me for her unfolding ‘Wonder of life’ podcast in relation to this topic. We had a great conversation exploring our different financial paths and experiences, diving into the meaning of gift economies and what the importance of trusting life. We hope you enjoy.

A poem for you

This poem materialised in Thessaloniki, Greece, two weeks ago.

Changing worlds

Racing down the forest path
A sense of belonging in that nature bath.
An explosion of me-ness although nothing is mine,
Another world – a voyage through time.

A poem that does not want to be,
taking me back to the root of me.
What anger, what frustration – a race against time.
Life falling apart – nothing in line.

A sudden injection of life upside down,
Yet knowing and going while ready to drown.
A pull, a sudden leap, turmoil and greed –

Silence, warmth, another day,
full of potential, freedom – nothing the same.
A spark, its rays, the smell of conifer trees.
Life different – fantastic – no money, no fees.

What world are you in?
What about your priorities?
The shifting is now,
Get into new gears.

Up 5 levels into chaos and insanity,
ensuring a new world – no calamity.
Nothing is what it seems to be,
Find your potential and be free.

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