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Every disease starts with frequency vulnerability which is strongly connected with the heart. Something is throwing us out of alignment with nature the reasons for which can be many incl. trauma, ancestral patterns, non-human influences on this planet etc. What is the frequency of that which you support in your life? Are you aware of what you are supporting? Are you living your path, or someone else’s? Only when the frequency setting changes can lasting healing happen.

Those of us who live in alignment with nature’s principles increasingly experience reversed aging, physical healing, deletion of even deep-seated mental & emotional patterns due to a revival of our innate self-healing abilities. We know how to heal and be healthy. The knowing which arises through our personal connection with nature, our source connection, tells us continuously. The question is whether or not we can hear our own voice. No healing modality or celebrity healer can save us unless we know our path from the inside out, standing in our own power, taking full responsibility for ourselves. Health never requires dependency on any healer or modality.

Human beings do not naturally get sick, neither do animals. And if they do it is in the scope of a body upgrade which can be uncomfortable and feel like disease. Disease comes from a separation from nature. Health is alignment with nature. When there are toxicity and synthetic, alien substances in our systems, mental, emotional & physical digestion are compromised & disease can unfold. Natural, truly organically grown foods detox our being and maintain health. Synthetic, processed foods and substances do the opposite, incl. synthetic detergents, cleaners, drinks, materials which our cars, office spaces & homes are built with. How natural is your lifestyle? In these times of deep change we have a choice between nature & synthetic in all aspects of our lives. One will bring health, the other disease because it is not in alignment with who and what human beings are. It is that black and white.

The most healing ‘practice’ of these times is to be around people who already fully operate from the new frequencies and that very material type of love that is the essence of who we are. Your body will pick up on that signal whether you realise it or not. Your biology upgrades and healing happens as a by-product and the synthetic is over-written. Additional help is then only needed occasionally for a particular push of some type, and the right practitioner or modality will come into your field naturally.

Below are some high-frequency projects related to health. Also check out the technology & science pages for medical technologies & human biology because what we have been taught at school, any school, is extremely incomplete. As science begins to catch up we will increasingly be able to see how life in a body actually works. Technologies are emerging which harness and amplify our light. Besides that, exposure to high-frequency art, music & dance can be extremely healing. Art & music connect us with the frequency signal of the artist.

Microprism Optics

Melbourne, Australia

Behavioural Optometry – a holistic approach to vision (ability to focus, aim & move eyes), used in combination with the application of quantum physics to optometry. Improving brain-eye communication & visual skills in young people & adults. High success rate in correcting vision impairment of many types as well as difficulties with reading, balance, posture & control of body movement. Combining new virtual reality tools with time-proven vision therapy techniques. Lead by Dr. Michael Christian, inventor of Quantum Ophthalmic Optics.

The People’s Health Alliance


Grassroots initiative uniting & empowering people to bring health care back to us, taking on full responsibility for our own health. Creating an organic, people-led approach to healthcare, facilitating your internal wisdom rooted in the core of what & who we are. Bringing equity & justice to healthcare. Preventing disease & using allopathic & holistic treatments which harness nature. Openness to evolving over time in whichever way needed.

Bush Medijina

Northern Territory, Australia

Skin care balms, soap, oils & lotions handcrafted by Warningakalina First Nation women based on their traditional botanical knowledge. Made from local bush medicine plants & certified organic ingredients (coconut oil, bee’s wax). Supporting rural, struggling indigenous communities. Supporting & keeping alive indigenous knowledge. Creating a bridge between a marginalised people & world markets. Run to 80% by indigenous women.

Herbalista Free Clinic & School

USA, Ireland & UK

Recognising healthcare as a fundamental human right. Free herbal care for marginalized & vulnerable communities via herb bike, herb bus, herb cart & popup clinics. Rooted in mutual respect & aid, not charity. Now also online consultations on sliding scale basis. Harriet Tubman Free Foot Clinic offers free foot care for homeless people. Grow A Row skill sharing & seed swapping. Medicinal plant wild foraging walks, medicine-making workshops & consultations for community healthcare projects. Free online herb classes covering medicine-making, herbal first aid, wildcrafting, community initiatives etc.

Swaziland Homeopathy Project


Supporting > 10000 people of all ages across 26 clinics. Run by small, passionate 4-person Eswatini team, providing affordable, holistic healthcare esp. to low-income communities in rural areas. Focus on health, food sovereignty, biodiversity. Protecting endangered, indigenous medicinal plants by developing homeopathic remedies from them, distribution of plants to homesteads & workshops for sustainable harvesting practices. Preventing chronic disease & improving quality of life by introducing healthy eating practices & access to local organic produce through newly founded farmer’s market & Eswatini Urban Garden Initiative.

Vanessa Holliday

South Africa & Bali

Vanessa has lived & embodied music & dance from a very young age. She is a multidisciplinary artist specialised in sound healing, womb & voice health, eurythmy (music & movement therapy) & astrology. Merging astrology, ancient feminine wisdom & healing frequencies with contemporary brainwave entrainment & sound, she supports people with finding back to themselves. Offering 1 on 1 sessions, courses, group events. Creating community around womb health, sound & self embodiment.

Ancient Purity

England, UK

Authentic natural, organic, non-GMO health foods & supplements sourced with integrity & passion. Focus on transparency, trust & human connection. Short, transparent supply chains. A company which is awake in these times & speaks up. A wellspring of information on health.



Teaching women & birth workers about holistic views of pregnancy & birthing, connection to the baby in the womb, birth choices & law, preparing for life after birth etc. based on their own experiences, observations & vast knowledge in midwifery. Leaving behind over-medicalised births in unhealthy environments. Combining traditional knowledge, sacredness & science. ‘Pay What You Can’ specials for inclusivity.


England, UK

Natural, organic, vegan oral care. Biodegradable cardboard packaging, printed with vegetable ink. product jars designed for reuse. ‘Zero To Landfill’ program. Minimising environmental impact. B-Corp.

Öko Creations

Quebec, Canada

Hemp fleece sanitary pads, reusable makeup rounds, reusable wrapping & bags. Materials used: organic cotton, hemp fleece made from 55% hemp & 45% organic cotton. Distributer of products made by other eco-friendly companies cleaning supplies, body care supplies, young people’s clothing (Boisbriand, Quebec). Zero-waste, products ethically made, ethical sewing, low impact dyes, use of refurbished electronics.

People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture


Member-run non-profit organisation increasing accessibility to & availability of affordable group acupuncture treatments. Working cooperatively & sharing knowledge among community acupuncture clinics, acupuncturists, students, volunteers, technicians & patients – by & for the community. Increasing fairness, sustainability & equity in  healthcare, creating just economies. Website accessible for people with disabilities.

Wave Genetics


Medical application of quantum genetics & laser technology, involving quantum programming of stem cells which changes a pathological state to a healthy one. Research started in 1920th in Russia and was revived & continued in 1980s by Russian scientist Petr Petrovich Garyaev. Can cure genetic diseases incl. cystic fibrosis, epidermal bullosis, Down syndrome etc. Regeneration of teeth, pancreas (diabetes) & intestines. Reversed aging. Quick, full recovery from brain hemorrhage/stroke, cancer etc.

Natural She


Understanding the natural menstrual cycle, hormonal health, natural contraception & variation in fertility, menopause. Many couples very successfully use natural contraception based on combination of 2 indicators: temperature & cervical discharge (Sympto-Thermal Method). Getting more deeply in touch with oneself, or one’s partner. Offers courses, consultation & support. Backed scientifically – info on website.

Bachflower Original Flower Remedies

Massachusetts, USA

Original plant & flower-based essences developed by Edward Bach (physician & homeopath) to gently & naturally restore emotional wellbeing. 38 remedies made from handpicked plants & flowers. Used to counteract fear, lack of confidence, loneliness, despair, difficulty with uncertainty, oversensitivity, over-care etc. Recyclable packaging, minimal plastic.

Atlantic Aromatics

Wicklow, Ireland

Wide range of natural, organic & ethical floral waters, massage, carrier & essential oils sourced mainly from small & medium size family farms & distilleries. Plants either grown organically – preferably in native regions, or sustainably wild-picked. Newsletters with much info about oils.

BioGeometry Europe

Egypt, Switzerland & Europe

Technologies alleviating EMF & geopathic stress to biological systems, originating in Egypt & rooted in energy principles of shape. Effectively & successfully applied on a wide scale, e.g. entire Swiss towns of Hemberg & Hirschberg. Courses & certification offered. Independent scientific research.

Susan Laing

England, UK

Cleanse Zen Retreats – 1 day colon & liver cleanses using products that have been fermented for over 3 years & are very rich in enzymes, facilitating an accelerated cleanse. Combined with wildwater swimming if you like. Very experienced cleansing retreat facilitator. Also 1 on 1 health sessions based on iridology, nutritional healing and naturopathy with the intention of tapping into your own knowing of what is right for your body.

Dance of the Plants

Kulin Nation, Victoria, Australia

Organic tinctures, balms & tonics made with a combination of home-grown indigenous Australian plants & European herbs. Handmade in traditional ways. 35 years experience with herbal medicines. Also engaged with indigenous Bunurong language preservation, Kulin cultural education, running a bush foods community garden & leading excursions.

Liberating the Natural Breath

North Carolina, USA

Addressing breathing dysfunctions incl. air hunger / Hyperventilation Syndrome, breathing tension etc. using principles of Alexander Technique. Returning to natural breath by going to the core of the dysfunction. Exploring psychological aspects, developing physiological understanding & self-knowledge, facilitating unwinding of habitual interference with natural breath. Very affordable comprehensive online course. Scholarships & in-person sessions also available. Creating community around healthy breathing.

Simple Ayurveda

England, UK

Systemic healing (trauma release via touch & systemics) by a high-frequency practitioner, bringing together training & experience in ayurveda, Amnanda, family constellation analysis & esp. systemic healing itself. Focus on simple steps to wellbeing by exposing the roots of health issues & tapping into your own knowing & self-responsibility. 1 on 1 sessions & group explorations. Fully donation-based.

Laurel Skin

California, USA

Skin care products from 100% raw, organic, slow-farmed whole-plant ingredients – partnering with local regenerative, organic & biodynamic farms. Close relationships with plant suppliers. Deep knowledge of herbs & flowers. Strong focus on quality, potency & our relationship with Earth – harnessing the efficacy of authentic vibrant plant medicine. All products handmade at Laurel Barn, far beyond USDA organic standards. BIPOC Partnership Grant Program. True diversity & inclusivity. Educational events for spas, hotels etc. Recycled, compostable packaging etc.

Ra Optics

California, USA

High-quality blue light blocking glasses which simulate natural light conditions when exposed to screens, or artificial night light, restoring healthy melatonin production necessary for healthy sleep & energy levels & efficient self-healing.

Wild Woman Birthkeepers

New England, USA

Realising your own birthing decisions, connecting deeply with the baby in the womb, navigating pregnancy & birth based on your knowing. Merging ancestral wisdom, science & trusted natural birth resources. Conscious parenting support. 1 on 1 coaching, group classes, partner’s classes. Financial inclusiveness – sliding scale for all services. 10% Reparations Discount for people of color. Decolonising childbirth. Women’s circles, prenatal dance classes, prof. soul-filled photography.

Health & Wellbeing Alberta

Alberta, Canada

Community of Canadian practitioners of holistic, integrative medicine modalities incl. herbalism, acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, trauma release etc., rooted in empowering people on their self-healing journey. Stepping away from dependency & money-driven, destructive medical practices.

Karuna Essentials


Skin care products made from hand-picked calendula, 100% natural, locally grown, non-GMO, paraben-free. Focus on simplicity, affordability & effectiveness. Calendula supports natural self-healing abilities, is antiseptic & anti-inflammatory. Shampoo bars, balms, creams, ointments for cuts, bruises, wounds, itchy skin etc. 

GembaRed LLC 


No-nonsense, 3rd party-tested red light therapy technology. Simple devices that deliver precise wavelengths & intensity. Focus on low-EMF & low flicker safety. Combining affordability & high functionality. Exhaustive, freely shared info on website (blog & learning center).

Paula Jeffrey

Manitoba, Canada

Homeopathy, hypnotherapy & human design practitioner specialised on navigating chronic illness. Focused on reconnecting with our own innate wisdom & the body’s self-healing abilities. Also offering creative journalling & homeopathy courses. Rooted in authenticity. Blog with lot’s of valuable info.

Dr. Brigitta, ND

Hungary & UK

Very experienced naturopath specialised in brain health, concussion recovery & chronic pain/ inflammation. Blending evidence-based knowledge with traditional & natural healing modalities. Reestablishing metabolic, cellular & hormonal tissue health to reverse mental illness & cognitive decline. Focus on collaboration, relationship-building & truly comprehensive care. Brigitta is also a CranioSacral therapist, internationally certified sports nutritionist & former paramedic.

f.lux Software LLC

California, USA

Freely available software that adjusts screens to surrounding indoor light conditions based on type of lighting & geographic location – reducing blue light wavelengths at night to improve sleep. Portable meter for measuring & visualising light spectra. Forum for support. Privacy transparency. Patent pending & open to collaborations.

Dew on the Lotus

Wisconsin, USA

Remote Ayurvedic astrology courses, consultations & mentoring, Ayurvedic wellness consultations focused on digestive health, lifestyle & diet recommendations, herbology. Beauty consultations, aromatherapy. Merging vedic knowledge with your own innate wisdom. Experimenting with donation models & fixed pricing. Open to non-monetary trading. Certified clinical Ayurveda practitioner & Vedic astrologer (sidereal zodiac).

The Reiki Muse

Colorado, USA

High-frequency Usui & Karuna Reiki master teacher & reflexologist. Empowering your personal self-healing system through relaxation, internal body adjustments & removal of blockages in response to Christy DeArment’s signal & deeper opening to yourself. Reiki & reflexology sessions, distance Reiki, Reiki training. Combination of non-monetary giving, donation system & fixed prices.

Ilan Stephani


Leaving behind trauma, sexual distortion & societal programming. Practices, workshops, retreats, books, online material for re-finding & redefining true aliveness – out of the head, into the body. Online & in-person; groups & 1:1. Life without holding back, experiencing sex & sexual magnetism in healthy, ecstatic ways.

In German:

Grass Roots Remedies


Community herbalism – inclusive & accessible to everyone. Herbal remedy & foraging workshops & medicines – often free of charge to increase community health. Donation-based community herbal clinic. Volunteer-run herbal gardens – growing & preparing medicines together, self-sustainably. Focus on collaboration & sovereignty for lasting change.

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Artist Hotspot

Petra Heveroch
Fine art, zen art & living symbols
Based in Germany

Find out more via her website:

Artist Hotspot

Petra Heveroch
Fine art, zen art & living symbols
Based in Germany

Find out more via her website:

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