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Research, writing, finances (donation model)

I pursued education, research & work in biology, philosophy, at the intersection of environmental policy, politics & human societies, and in care-giving, holistic healing & spirituality – and found all of it too limited, incomplete, too polarised & divided, distorted by those who seek nothing but control. Although I picked up nuggets of gold everywhere, none of it reflected what it means to be human, what it is like to be alive. Certainly none of it was me. Identities came and went.

Recently someone said to me: “I am still finding out which constellation I am from” – stuff we never talk about, never learn at school, perhaps never even consider. It is that unimagined and yet deeply familiar knowing and capability which makes us human. I am not what I do, not the footprint I leave behind, not the way I live my life or the people I share it with, certainly not my education, or the money in the bank account.

I have lived in many countries, pursuing a minimalist lifestyle that allows for lots of freedom. No phone, car or insurance since many years. Haven’t seen a doctor in 16 years. I am passionate about gift economies rooted in abundance and the trust that nature rebalances. Most of my work I have not been paid for, yet never experienced scarcity. Decisions are made based on my own inner promptings, often with little security, and yet the deep knowing that I am safe. I don’t live by external regulations that feel foreign, lack common sense, or are harmful. I embody nature and chose to not comply with what harms life.

I would say one of my core strengths is the ability to zoom out and provide a broad and clear overview of the interconnectedness of current happenings. This is what comes forward on this website and in everything I do. I want to see new high frequencies more strongly materialised into form, and am excited about exploring and navigating this world with you. I greatly enjoy finding ever more ways to live in alignment with nature, to materialise & use new possibilities on this beautiful planet.


Website design, artist, IT research

Hello! I am the designer behind Sun Beings as well as contributing ideas creatively or practically on how it can be improved and expanded upon. I guess I ended up being chosen to do this website as Carina was drawn to my creative energy expressed through my art and knew I also offered website design. With my eye for art and my technical ability I combine the two in my graphic and web design projects.

While I was always interested in art and studied it throughout my life via the education route I still felt my creativity was very blocked up and would feel deeply lost and stagnant with it. It was only when I started embarking on a deep inner journey letting go of a lot that didn’t feel in alignment with who I am and strengthened my connection with nature and the universe did my creativity start to come forward. Now it is hard to keep up with all the ideas that come through me!

Creativity to me is an incredibly powerful tool. It is a generator of frequencies. It sparks our imagination and seeds new possibilities that we can choose to grow. Unfortunately the creative energy is being deeply abused and used to infiltrate peoples mental, emotional and spiritual bodies whether it’s through writing, music, art, film, media and so on. One doesn’t have to look very far at all to spot where there may be negative influences disrupting our fields and influencing our inners states and behaviours. Used in the wrong way it can keep us identified with lack and disempowerment and further entrenched in harmful identities. It can keep us stuck in a reality blocking our ability to be able to envision new better ones.

So with this in mind I tend to use my creativity as a tool to inspire dreaming. Dreaming of possible worlds or internal states we are capable of embodying. Since I was young the world felt like a very confusing place to be and didn’t understand why on Earth humanity lived they way they do as there was so much suffering I could see. It felt clear to me something majorly vital was missing… our deep innate connection with nature, the universe, others and ourselves. Remembering our profound place in this existence. I am naturally drawn to using my art and design to inspire something better within ourselves… to wake up what is there lying dormant.

My creativity goes into a few different areas. This includes: painting, illustration, writing, photography, graphic design and web design. I find my creativity seeps into other areas too like dancing or playing an instrument or whatever the pure moment brings!

I hope this website inspires you to make wiser choices that are in alignment with humanity and the Earth. For you to be able to see the potential on this planet and that indeed there is a lot of positive happening through what others are offering and projects that are taking place. I feel the current times are deeply calling us to strip away everything that is out of integrity to our beings and to create something new that is truly built on the foundations of love.

Everyone who shares ideas for this website

Needless to say we are not experts at all the things this website is about, only see what comes into our fields and are not perfect. If you have suggestions for change, additions, or the direction you would like to see this website project to take, please send an email. We are particularly looking for contributions from Slavic countries and China esp. when an english/partly english website is available. It is not easy for us to find businesses, initiatives or artists in these geographic areas but we would like to include the treasures we know are there. The new frequencies are taking form everywhere. We would also love to hear from young people about high-frequency youth projects. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to this website. It is much appreciated. To send feedback, links or anything else please email:

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