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Music and sound can be the most primal expression of what is. An expression of what we all are and always shape together. Many musicians say they could never express in conversation what can be conveyed through their music. Likewise, music is one of the only realms where audiences allow themselves to honestly feel. Expansion and sharing can happen authentically and honestly. Sound is a powerful substance which in the past has been used in many ways. It can be healing, transforming, purifying. It can take us to other states and realms. Music will always be. Every being, every body of water, every rock has its own song. It’s an aspect, an expression of that very material form of love that makes up this universe, our planet and us. Sound, song and music can be explored in myriad ways and we are so excited to see how that will unfold in the future. There is so much to come.
Below are some high-frequency musicians and projects. Of course there are so many more, and as with other pages, this website is about frequency markers and an experience of what is unfolding. It does not aim to be complete in any way. Every page represents a sharing of songs of the people who are creating this new world at a very material level. That said we will of course keep adding to this page.

Jessica Blanche Mary Boles


Artwork & music for & from the planet. Jessica composes soundscapes for websites, music & film projects. Also offers sound journeys for individuals & groups. She plays the piano, drums, harp, tambura chord, large gong, crystal bowls, Burmese chimes etc. & sings. Albums sold by minimum donation.

Peia Luzzi

USA & Ireland

Singer, writer & multi-instrumentalist, prof. trained in opera, but Peia passionately lives & extensively studied traditional folk song, based on her ancestral roots of Irish & Old World European folk music. Collaborations with many world-class artists. Peia teaches Song of the Ancient – voice workshops & ancestral songline tracing. Also wildcrafting herbal remedies in US Appalachia mountains. Restoring balanced relationship with Earth.

Scott & Maria

England, UK

Beautiful, authentic acoustic Indie folk straight from the heart. Celebrating our beautiful planet & return to who & what we are as human beings. Owning the inner power we all have. Backgrounds in musical theater, dance, song, various instruments. Maria transformed from an almost mute child into a powerful singer & is also a holistic 1:1 vocal coach.

Bryony Perkins


Music, film, dance, theatre, poetry on many venues. Very successful performer who consciously left behind the conventional music industry. Living authentic art across mediums, highly creative, outstanding dancer, singer & artist. Asking deep & important questions about life & how to live. Processing & releasing what is not naturally part of being human. Album The Gardener sold on sliding scale for inclusivity.

Mapu Speakers

Chile, Denmark & Portugal

Speakers mostly made of clay, leather & cork. Designed in Denmark to high acoustic standards & handmade in Chile & Portugal, supporting Portugal’s ancient cork industry & keeping traditional Chilean pottery alive – building a bridge between ancestral knowledge and technology. Rethinking production methods. Made of 80% from biodegradable materials. Fair wages for crafts people. Full transparency of materials & production processes. Plant one native tree for each speaker sold.

Maxida Märak

Sámi, Sweden

Unique Sámi singer, song writer, producer, actor & activist for Sámi indigenous rights. Mixing explosive, personal hip-hop, rap, traditional joik, electronic beats, deep texts, addressing issues like mining industry, exploitation, land theft, state violence, coercion, suppression of Sámi culture & responsibility to speak up. Expressing her history, connection with nature, lack of fit in society & struggle with a merciless, fast world with too little human contact & silence. Cherishing honesty, transparency, happiness, freedom. Grew up singing traditional joik music. (Website in Swedish).

English intro:

Riddu Riddu

Sápmi, Norway

Incredible annual indigenous festival in Norwegian part of Sápmi (Saami indigenous lands) which stated as a youth project. Music, art exhibitions, film, performing arts, literature, young people’s festival, youth camp, seminars & courses. Reclaiming & celebrating indigenousness & humanity. A cultural hub.

Short documentary:


USA & worldwide

Online record store & music community where fans can directly support & connect with artists. Creating community, transparency, equity & livelihoods for musicians. 80-85% of money made goes straight to musicians, 10-!5% to Bandcamp, rest: financial fees. Acknowledging music as an indispensable part of culture. Supporting the activism that many artists are involved with in the quest to express themselves freely.

Alice Night


Singer, songwriter, theater performer, writer, poet, speaker, creative guide & activist. Deep texts, brutally honest, intimate expression – writing brings her wisdom from the inside out. Recognising connectedness of all things & connectedness to herself & the essence of being human. Extensive experience as a creative arts facilitator. Offering very transformative online courses for writing, art & performance via Alice Night School of Wild Arts. On Patreon & Bandcamp.

Shika Shika

France & worldwide

Record label without owners for music without borders, exploring global folk roots, organic sounds & electronica. Creating worldwide community of composers, producers, artists, designers, videographers & fans. People-powered & community-funded platform. Standing for social & environmental justice. Released music from > 60 artists from 30 countries. Iconic non-profit projects & examples of musical activism.

Dina El Wedidi


Singer, songwriter, composer & producer of songs rooted in Egyptian folklore & Arabic poetry, modern operetta, rock, jazz, electronic music rooted in sounds of Egypt’s railways. has been part of The Nile Project uniting cultures which share a river.

On Shika Shika podcast:

Nicola Mills – Opera for the People

UK & Europe

Incredible, passionate opera singer who brings her music right to the streets & people. So amazing! > 10 years experience at various European venues in different countries. Real engagement with people; bringing people together through her music.

Beautiful video about her work:

Detroit Youth Volume

Michigan, USA

Community-based music education that is accessible, equitable & locally relevant (hip hop, jazz, techno…), based on Suzuki method & social justice pedagogies. Offering group & private violin classes, high-quality instruments, workshops with local musicians, community performances etc. for ages 3-18. Accessible to low-income families via sliding scale tuition & full scholarships. Nurturing abilities for resilience, innovation, collaboration, thinking skills. Also: Youth Volume Think Tank. Undoing racism. Queer-owned & operated.

Owen Vaughan Hanner

Spain & UK

Celtic solo & session musician & composer for celtic harp, piano, guitars, flutes, zithers, voice & percussion. Also plays in therapeutic settings, births wakes etc. Intuitive teacher to all ages for many instruments, songwriting & creative writing techniques – simply providing tools & facilitating the unfolding of inmate creativity with the student in charge of pace, structure & direction. Donation-based.

On Bandcamp:

Saved By Music Foundation


Building skills, confidence & personal sovereignty in street kids & other marginalized children via music & education. Founded by local ex-street child. Brass band, musical tutoring, dance troupe, acrobatics team, arts & crafts programs & in-house bakery. Standing up for child rights, influencing policy. Driving social transformation in authentic Ugandian ways. Volunteer program.

Music Beyond, Inc.

Dem. Rep. Congo & USA

Empowering communities & transforming the country’s narrative through music. Musical & financial support for youth in challenging circumstances. Women empowerment program. Mentorship, workshops, conferences, performance opportunities, album production & distribution platforms. Collaborations with schools to strengthen music programs. Building confidence & stability, redistributing privilege.


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Artist Hotspot

Larissa Davis
Freedom & sovereignty artist
Based in USA

Find out more via her website:

Artist Hotspot

Larissa Davis
Freedom & sovereignty artist
Based in USA

Find out more via her website:

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