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If you follow the website, then you may have noticed that I love writing poems to go with blog posts and other articles. Lately I feel drawn, and have been inspired by others to take this gift to the next level. Rather than putting together a poetry book I would love to invite collaborations. This may involve existing poetry already shared elsewhere, or poetry specifically written for your project. Poetry can be a way to artistically convey deep messages strongly and within a few lines, bringing main ideas, aspects, or feelings to the forefront in a form which is easy to read and take in.

I operate almost entirely outside the financial system and would see such a collaboration as a joined effort to bring forward important messages, address topics of relevance for these times, provide support for those in need etc. in a freely given way. My poetry is a passion which I cannot see fit into a monetary system of any type. The value of such work is different for everyone and always changing with context and time. Hence no payment will be involved.

If these ideas and approaches resonate and you would like to combine my poetry with your writing (book, article etc.), art work, or music – turning poems into songs – feel free to contact me and we can find out if we fit as a team, short-term, or as part of a bigger project.

Below are some examples of my work. Click on the poems to read them in full, to find out more about their context, or when and where they have been written. This first one is the newest outburst of creativity and has not been shared previously:

Depth of Silence

Deep inside the ocean lives,
Infinite – it always gives.
Many beings submerged in it,
Some don’t realise that it exists.

The medium of all communication.
No need for movement, or translation.
Filled with clarity and wild creation,
Colossal, more profound than any citation.

No book is needed to read it,
No school to understand, or be it.
All living form is its receiver,
The rest a meaningless demeanor.

A million shapes and endless colours.
A play of freedom, its meaning is ours.
In its never-ending depth
Lie secrets openly to those who beget.

A world unrecognised by most humanity,
Missing from books of spirituality.
Much more real and quintessential;
Nature – a substance of gaping potential.

We can take it anywhere,
Inside and out – do you dare?
Who are you when you break all chains,
Forget all knowledge, achievements and pains,
Yet deeply feel all that moves and aches.

Watch the deer, watch the tree,
All alone, silent and free.
You hear more than words can ever tell,
Own more than anyone can sell.

Back in your community
You are a force of security,
A storm of materialisation,
A hurricane of love and integration.

Dive the depth of silence.
Reclaim your life without violence.
Go further than you ever thought you could –
A raging spectacle of fulfillment, of home and of good.

Other poems

Hearing cedars ring
And gristmills grind,
The birds of the Taiga sing,
The inland sea shores thrive –
In peace. 

Seeing religions unite
At the root of their divide,
People finding their deepest depth –
Deeper than form, deeper than death,
Walking the golden ground
Full of life, nature abound –
In peace. 

Smelling the flamingo’s lands
Abundant ripening fruit
While hearts are cracking open again
Emitting light, revealing sooth –
In peace. 

Holding dear nature’s medicine
All around the fire ring;
A merging of truly human motion
With other beings
In sacred devotion –
And peace.

Listening to the pounding heart
Feeling its pressure,
Loving its charm,
Grasping its monumental revolution
Of peace.


Written in Nuevalos & La Codosera, Spain.

While volcanoes are erupting
As the Earth is waking up
You and I are imploding
Into what we always were. 

Yet as I look all around.
Nothing resonates
Though nature abound.

Where are true human beings?
I don’t see them.
Are you serious?
This is all we can come up with
In this time of deepest mayhem?

So downgraded, so mislead,
So far away from what life begets.
Ghosts sleep-walking through the mist,
I don’t know how to relate to this. 

Don’t see what I should be seeing.
Still my star is my only relief.
Humanity is so astray –
A million torches, and they can’t see the way.


Written in La Codosera on the Spanish-Portuguese border during moments of deep frustration with humanity in Europe. January 14, 2024.

When I drink from a river
I feel alive.
When I eat from a living tree
I feel alive.
When I smell flowers
I feel alive.
No matter what is happening around me.
When I see another
We have a fight.
When I step outside
There is a deserted sight.
When I sit down in silence
I feel alright.
When I see the sun
I blossom.
When I write a poem on the hill above town
I recognise the sorrow.
When I dive into the sea
I become the transformation I want to be.
When I stumble across the forms
Of an entirely new world
My heart sings,
The anxiety shrinks
And the next day, whatever it brings
Will be my next foothold
In a progressing death
That leaves nothing but gold
With every breath.
Alive with fire
Smelling the air
Walking the Earth
Ever stronger, ever more bare.
Knowing deeply
That what is growing all around me
Is the symphony
Of our incredible destiny.
Recognised by a little child
I had never met before-
A wave, a smile,
My joy goes wild.
You guys are here
With frequencies so high
So much relief as I am passing by.
We have signed up for this
Long ago,
Have all the support
We need to soar.
Coming closer together every day
Let’s keep going fast
Come what may.
This poem was written in Aitona, Catalonia (Spain) at the end of a rather difficult Workaway exchange, November 24, 2023.

To read this poem take a few moments by yourself, perhaps 10 minutes, or 20, but no more than half an hour. Be with the poem. Maybe read it again. Let go. Who are you.

Letting go of all ropes,
Who are you?
What have you tied yourself to
That imprisons you?

Nobody there,
Who are you?
Distant from sound, just sitting here,
Who are you?
You, all alone.
No shelter,
Who are you?
No music,
Who are you?
No favourite food,
Who are you?
No water to drink,
Who are you?
No clothes to wear,
Who are you?
No vehicle to move,
Who are you?
No phone to call another soul,
Who are you?
Right in this moment
Wherever you are,
Who are you?
No party to go to,
No drink to warm up,
Who are you?
No family to catch you,
No partner to hold you,
No child to care for,
Who are you?
All ropes untied,
Your boat drifting out of sight.
Silence. Panic.
Nothing to hold on to.
One deep breath. Another breath.
Who are you?
Broken bones,
Tired all day,
Who are you?
No job to distract you,
No money to pay,
No gift to give,
Who are you?
Falling apart,
Sinking into the ground,
Who are you?
No heat from the stove,
No friend to join you,
Who are you?
No golden vision,
No flower to smell on
No thought left to think,
Who are you?
All ropes untied,
Nothing there to decide,
Who are you?
This poem was written in the mountains near Nuevalos, Aragon (Spain), November 30, 2023.
An incredible outpour of purity,
Neither defined nor prescribed by humanity.
It’s current is strong, it’s light very bright
And its electrified flow is always just right.
It pulls us back to ourselves,
And catapults us out of stagnant shelves.
No static body, no infiltrating mind,
Just purity always, without effort or fight.
Sometimes its force is very strong
Breaking every note that does not belong
Enforcing its song of fiery love,
Eradicating the cacophony that makes us starve.
While many still believe there can’t be such a thing,
It is penetrating every being, every rock and every king.
Humanity is so used to scarcity and war,
That money was accepted as a golden door.
Life was thrown away but is now restored.
High waves crashing ashore
Gold-plated castles of darkness no more.
Every lie collapsing, in the purest flow
Nature’s house of cards – a solid mountain in the most violent blow.
Like a mother’s milk changes with the saliva of the child,
Our physique adapts to what is required in this world.
Information is carried to every atom of form
By an intelligence so sublime, ever evading our control.
Yet we shape the Earth every day
With a sovereignty beyond any philosophical portrait.
Letting go, sinking into the ocean inside
We hear and feel it and may live it at all times.
I shall keep surfing the waves back to magic and glee
And cover the graves of those who can’t see.
United once more through our signals of light
We stand strong no matter the plight.
Determined to do whatever needs to be done
Breaking through bulwarks of abuse, dissolving all harm.
Later we will relax, recover and go on
In peace and wonder, forgotten for so long.

This poem was written in Limogne-en-Quercy, France, October 18, 2023.
A reflection that withstands all rejection.
A spontaneity that supersedes all calamity. 
Every breakdown into that force of silence
Entails a leap towards embodiment of brightness.
Unheard of depths of wisdom
Flying towards us from that internal whisper.
Acts so bold that all not-life is stunned,
Into silence, into shiver – disassociating all around.
A force of transformation which cannot be faked,
Solid like a rock when everything is at stake.
Breaking new ground with every passing day
Amidst raging anger, despair and dismay.
Every moment of surrender into that current of trust
Dissolves more deception until it is all gone to dust.
You believe you can’t go on,
Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.
Fall below that persuasive, lifeless voice
Recognise the depth of your ever-increasing choice.
It emerges a freedom almost forgotten in earthly realms
From exploding flames and citadels.
Destruction and brightness taking a stance
Side by side in a combustion of confidence,
Driving nature ever further in its radiance.
You are an embodiment of exuberance
Which needs close to nothing – the simple magic of a glowing gem.
A self-sufficient spark of profound intelligence
Which stands strong and forever united with all those who resemble its primordial, fierce benevolence.
Fall back into the arms of your silence.

Humanness a dream,
A rose-glassed tree.
A thousand fears hidden in a perfect seam.
So many drifting lost, holding on to a crumbling beam.

Better to drown in the flood
Than to conquer one’s wrenching gut,
A view in the mirror with depth and clarity,
Taking the reins of this derailed life towards true charity.

Such decisions entirely one’s own
From the wellspring of the internal kaleidoscope
Far from newspapers and institutions
Scream for general persecution.

People can’t possibly be free
Looking into the depth of Life
Trusting the inner silence so deep
Building castles of their own reality.

When did this giant chasm appear?
Humans loosing their humanity.
Find back to the nature of your heart
Let evaporate the tremendous pains which set us apart. 

The internal power grid
Ruling our outer voice and wit.
All beings closely linked,
Loneliness forever extinct.

Family not determined by blood,
Not pinned on paper, or decided by an institutional strut
But deeply united by frequency,
Which does not know limits or falsity.

Sudden standstill –
A profound rebirth,
Being human
In the cradle of Life on Earth.

A deeply rooted tranquility
Filled to the brim with vitality.
Rife with magic and strength
A presence which goes to whole new lengths.

The decision is yours –
Each man to his own.
No rescue by unforeseen saviours
But a world undreamed-of, beyond what you have ever known.

The Earth spins faster with every passing day
Open the coffin, all anchors astray.
Hold on tight to the depth of your existence
Or fly to artificial stars unknown within any fathomable distance.


Written July 3, 2023 in Pullathomas, co. Mayo, Ireland

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An old triangular square in a town full of beauty and mystery.
All along its cobblestone stairs flows the richness of its history.
Pigeon flocks and age old rocks
Summer peace beneath the tower clocks. 

Frequencies of forgotten times,
When life was rich and full of rhymes.
When food was alive, when we didn’t know worry, or strive.
A moment in time dissolving day and night. 

Do you remember those ages of water and light?
Every being shining so bright.
Every cell, every fiber of my body knows
And is craving that love in every hour that flows.

Where is everyone? Where is the match?
Why am I feeling alone in a new world so hard to catch?
Inside there is music, there is silence out of time.
And suddenly around a corner I find a reflection of what is mine. 

A long moment of standing still right here and now,
Yet nowhere, never and no need to bow.
The same material beyond form and shape
That gives me life and can’t be recorded on tape.

There are no words but it is so alive.
Immersed in it my surroundings thrive.
A golden touch of memory
Written in the land – what a treasure, what a symphony.

A remnant of old technology
Singing at a beautiful frequency.
Lost and forgotten, yet right here.
What is it? How to grasp it? How to return to its gear? 

No need to ask. It is happening now.
A dream unfolding, beyond imagination, yet so loud.
Recognition, connection – it’s becoming real every day.
Inside us, it is us, no more delay.


Written April 23, 2023 in Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania

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Children of Kosovo,
What happened to you?
Where did the incredible history go?
The connection with nature – so overdue.

Heavy smog leaving many chimneys,
Surrounded by pearls of beauty behind windows
Holding on to fake security,
Searching the anchor beyond scrutiny.

Life is not lost,
Neither forgotten the past,
The lands, the rivers, the inside of us.
Feelings, shaking, layers of frost,
Yet light emerging, no matter the cost.

Broken wings can still repair
Trauma, shock and victimhood.
Life out of control seems so unfair,
Disturbed emotions lost in thick air. 

Hands together with courage and fear.
Eyes to the sun watching pain disappear.
Leaping forward, strongly rooted right here,
Holding the breath, releasing the tears.

Slowly emerging a new form of trust,
Beyond the nation, the stories, the bust.
Deep inside the silence binds
What belongs together at all of times.

A place of freedom, a place of strength
Always there for everyone.
Walking to the end – the fullest length,
True power unfolds so very young.


Written April 7, 2023 in Rogaca, Serbia

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Where to go,
What to say?
Up in the air
Is every way.

No more waiting,
No more dating.
Spontaneous movement,
Out of the blue. 

Crazy exciting
How new worlds are biting
Deeper and deeper into the Earth. 

Nature’s explosion,
Fascination and intrusion.
Faster and faster,
No more illusion.

Mystery and wealth
All around.
Invisible, in stealth,
Yet so loud.

Right in our face,
This world – a maze
The old world a blaze,
The new one – such grace.

Layer upon layer
Falling down and re-emerging.
So many songs, so many prayers,
All is heard, all preserving. 

Wings are growing everywhere,
Flying high, if you dare.
Gentle breeze upon the face,
Nothing familiar, yet a smiling gaze.


Written March 21, 2023 in Pristina, Kosovo

Tall, dry and evergreen,
the fragrance of a thousand trees.
A world of silence – so many words,
A choir of music, it’s loudness hurts. 

Layer by layer I explore and I see.
It’s as never-ending, as the humming of the bee.
In a world of change it all stays the same.
Storms rushing through needles, it seems like a game. 

Fleeting forms – old one’s and new,
All masterpieces, a perfect view.
Who is to say what is right, what is wrong?
The old wise pine so massive and strong,
Is telling you gently with its beautiful song. 

It all has its place, through time and space.
The meaning becomes the dreaming – together we create.
A world of wonder beyond the tree, beyond me,
Full of fruit so golden, so sweet and so free.


February 28, 2023 in Thessaloniki, Greece

A summer dream,
A winter song.
Where is the richness?
What went wrong?

Everyone tired.
No one alive?
Where is the passion?
Where is the drive? 

So much fear –
What is to loose?
The dream of safety,
no more grip, no juice. 

The waking up-
A shock wave of grief.
Birthing our world,
Old dreams meet new realities. 

Tired eyes meet the stars in the sky.
Acceleration wherever one looks, humanity – a deep cry.
All change, everything to gain.
Meeting life itself – bursting the chains.

True power, unstoppable, breaking the clocks.
No time to think, no word, no box.
Breaking all limitation we ever new.
A million suns, in me and in you.


Written February 28, 2023 in Thessaloniki, Greece

This poem is part of a blog post about spontaneity

Racing down the forest path
A sense of belonging in that nature bath.
An explosion of me-ness although nothing is mine,
Another world – a voyage through time.

A poem that does not want to be,
taking me back to the root of me.
What anger, what frustration – a race against time.
Life falling apart – nothing in line.

A sudden injection of life upside down,
Yet knowing and going while ready to drown.
A pull, a sudden leap, turmoil and greed –

Silence, warmth, another day,
Full of potential, freedom – nothing the same.
A spark, its rays, the smell of conifer trees.
Life different – fantastic – no money, no fees. 

What world are you in?
What about your priorities?
The shifting is now,
Get into new gears.

Up 5 levels into chaos and insanity,
ensuring a new world – no calamity.
Nothing is what it seems to be,
Find your potential and be free.


Written February 4, 2023 in Thessaloniki, Greece

Suspended, outside space and time.
Delighted, sitting here to rhyme.
Expanded, being everywhere and everything.
Connected – only so we can win.

Wishing this for all, every single being.
It’s this planet, it’s life – singing.
Be bold, move forward.
The time is now to take your part.

This is more than we have ever imagined,
unfolding within us, for us – structured and sequential.
The greatest mystery, the greatest liberty,
Under our feet. With open pores and open eyes to see.


October 18, 2022 in Belmullet, co. Mayo, Ireland

Nature – a game,
never the same.
Constant change,
bringing people in rage.

Anxiety for tomorrow,
No trust in life,
Or feeling for what is right.
Obsession with safety,
Of nature deprived.

Those who are their light
Don’t need protection, nor do they die.
They are shaking their heads
At the confusion and ungroundedness. 

Deeply connected with the Earth,
Embodying one’s worth,
The essence of all life
Blows away that fear and any need to strive.

Life happening by itself,
A miracle to be held.
The most precious gifts
Arriving as the weight finally lifts.


Written December 26, 2022 near Lerapetra, Crete, Greece

A light so bright
No description is right.
Water so deep,
How many secrets may it keep?

Silence so loud while storms are thrashing about.
It’s hard to not be thrown around.
Movements so strong
That at times I wonder where I belong.

Thousands of worlds
With their passions, riddles and swirls.
Yet the core is always the same,
Like a rock, so strong, so tame – no name. 

Moving with an ease that encompasses it all.
Never-ending peace floating through the oak so tall.
While bombs of change are going off
Inside, outside – orientation can be tough.

I neither hide nor do I decide
Just race along with what I know is right.
Answers simply appear
To questions I never knew were here.

It’s so simple – no need to fear,
Up and up another gear..
Beautiful being I hold you dear.
Thank you all for being here.

Look at all the food
but I am not hungry.
I am not in the mood
to fill my stomach for life.

What do I need,
solid on my feet?
Life is abundant.
With fear and greed?

Where is the meaning?
Is it in the food?
Numbing indulgence,
for comfort, to soothe.

I am afraid I need more,
need to live deeper amore.
Be the sun, feel the water,
take your power per favore.

Always hungry, but hungry for what?
What are you, what am I?
Dead beings in my gut.

Life is light, life is easy.
Drop the load and eat meaning.
Stop hardship and start dreaming.
Its everywhere: inside and out.
Be yourself – just clarity, no doubt.


Written April 1st, 2022 in Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico

White snow, an icy rock
All I am hearing is a gentle knock
Perhaps a bird on the roof
Or a neighbour aloof
In the midst of silence

That silence this is me
An everlasting sun
Sharing my presence with a tree
Roaring in stillness, so much fun

It’s loud and it’s now
Like a gust of wind
Taking over the world
Without noise, without hint

To those who are sleeping
Can’t see and won’t hear
Life is fading
An empty blast of fear

For those who are silent and feel the roar
It’s all excitement – they take off and soar
A new life, a new planet built by us
Between the worlds a large crevasse

What a mess, such chaos
So much love in the snow
We are almost there
With the rivers we flow


Written December 22nd, 2021 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

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