New chapter, new life – Hello from Kate in the Pyrenees mountains in Spain

Recently I have been catapulted into a whole new life that has left me feeling a deeper appreciation for natures principles and how the universe works. It can initially feel as though the universe was being very harsh and unfair, not only to myself but to people around me. Literally these were circumstances that were out of my control because the energy (or my source connection) was pushing me to see and embody more of who I am. I had to go through a major change with certain life situations, go through instability and experience very dark inner states before seeing that I needed to make some life changes and that I needed to let go of the fight of making something work or change that wasn’t meant to be.

After going through a whole collapse of my identity and finding what I thought I knew disintegrating I actually felt like I was going crazy at one point. I had prided myself from the years of work with Dr Jacqueline Hobbs ( that I had “got it together” and knew who I am only to find the rug to be pulled from under my feet and I really had to take a look at myself on new deeper levels. The illusions I had been living shattered and it really was like I was waking up from a dream. There is so much positivity and gifts I can take though from how far I’ve come since meeting Jacqueline and everything that has taken place in the last nearly 7 years. I am a totally different person and had let go of so much patterns that were harmful and destructive even to my own very existence. I had built more solid foundations in my being and feel as though I embody more love. But apparently it was time to change up a level and my being must have known I was very ready for it.

When my previous life started collapsing in on itself things started to come into my field that were clearly presenting what it is that I needed to do next. I had been given the opportunity to go over to the Pyrenees mountains in Spain and start anew. This fell into my lap because, thanks to Sun Beings, me and Owen (a musician) met due to an interview he had done with Carina ( Through Carina and Owen’s conversation I deeply admired this new way of looking at life and Owen said he was currently living in one of the villages in the Pyrenees mountains. It was actually me who made the conversation happen between Carina and Owen because in the main Telegram group for the purification space community Owen had written expressing his values of living by natures principles and gift economies that was much in alignment with what Carina lives by. I sent those messages to Carina and she wanted to hear Owen’s story in full which led to the interview. So after hearing the interview me and Owen connected and soon after (just when the timing was right as my previous life was clearly showing to have ended) he offered that I could come to the Pyrenees mountains to stay.

I went through a whole load of body upgrades prior to coming to Spain. It was like kundalini was rising in my body which was not something I had ever experienced before nor did I ever really seek to have that kind of experience. It was something that happened naturally on it’s own because it was nature trying to speed things up and tell me to take action. It really felt as though a lot of things were purifying, burning away and disintegrating in my field. There was a lot of heat happening in my body and opening of nerve pathways I could feel… reminded me a bit of the times in the distant past when I used to take shamanic drugs! I could feel many vibrations and energies trying to work itself through my body and I noticed I simply could not eat much at all for a little while. I did feel super high, sensitive and ungrounded as I went through these changes but I didn’t let that alarm me as I had a deep innate trust in this process although it did feel hard to function and get on with the practical, earthly stuff. In the core of me though there felt like a deep anchor as I saw all of this taking place within me. I also became very aware of a special connection between me and Owen as I could feel he was triggering a lot of these processes in my body and energy. Love was flooding my entire being and I had feelings of being deeply happy and relaxed. My entire field was practically screaming at me to listen and take action. This all came right after going through that very dark phase when everything collapsed and I went through those very difficult inner states. What a contrast!

Eventually the energy started to ground itself more and I was beginning to eat better again. By that point it was so clear to me I had to go to the Pyrenees mountains in Spain. Any other possible path or decision presented closed doors and it felt like I had no choice but to go to those mountains and to physicalise this connection I could feel strongly with Owen. My outer circumstances and (especially!) my family were showing what a crazy nuts decision it was and there were things whether internal or external trying to convince me to do things the old way that brought down my frequency when I so much as thought about it. It was all old outdated and restrictive ideas of the system that wanted to hold me back and slow me down from doing what my being knew I needed to do. When I listened to my body and what my own energy was saying it was shouting “go for it!” And that I will have to trust what will unfold afterwards. So with that solid decision made I made my plans and packed to go to Spain within a short amount of time… which was tricky getting organised given I was still dealing with energies that made me feel a bit ungrounded! With determination I made it happen.

So I set off to Spain and managed to navigate all the different transports which was something else that was quite new for me having not travelled on my own like this before. I finally arrived in Huesca train station where Owen and his friend were coming to pick me up and I was feeling rather good in my body despite the 2 hours sleep from the very early morning and excitement. 

Meeting Owen physically for the first time was truly a cosmic experience. It was like my whole being recognised him and it was a meeting of 2 souls that were meant to be together. It was like a real, strong merging happened between us. Many energies started arising in my body upon seeing him and giving him a hug. I could feel fluttering inside of me and like the whole universe had stopped for this moment. We didn’t even need to speak much words as our fields and bodies spoke for us and it was all about being in presence and silence and feeling this strong surge of love. Strangely I could feel an expansion in my own universe as I became aware of this very important moment in my life. And an assurance that everything was taken care of and was going to be okay now we’ve met. Everything that happened previously leading up to this moment made much more sense now. It has left me in awe with how my source connection works.

As it turns out Owen had been waiting for someone like me pretty much his entire life. He had a deep innate longing for a partner he could truly love and share his life with which eventually led him to me. Exactly a year prior to our meeting he finally received some dreams wherein Jacqueline presented me to him as a name at first as the woman that will be his life partner. Soon after my appearance was made visible to him several times in dreams and visions but he still didn’t know whether I existed in real life. He was waiting a lot to meet this woman. It was only when he was recommended Sun Beings that he finally knew of my existence and realised the woman in his dreams was actually real. But he didn’t contact me as his own instructions said that he must wait for the invitation from me and that I must recognise our connection on my own. And of course with my own shyness and tendency to keep very much to the background I missed opportunities to speak with him… even when I sent the messages he wrote in the main purification space Telegram group to Carina I didn’t even approach him first to do so.

But the timing had to be right between me and Owen. The previous life circumstances I was in needed to end on its own terms as though I was completing a cycle of some old outdated patterns of mine. Owen wasn’t letting on anything about our connection and put me through quite a process. I was wondering whether everything I was feeling was just coming from my end and whether I was going crazy with all these energies and love I could feel arising in my body around him. It was when he was telling me about dreaming that he was going to meet a woman in Spain that was to be his partner did I finally say something because I had interpreted it as that he was going to meet a Spanish woman and I felt a deep disappointment that the dream might have depicted someone else. With great difficultly I tried to communicate how I was feeling and he clocked on that I was trying to express that I had feelings for him. At that moment upon openly and directly admitting them did I go through a moment of experiencing so much fear coming up and like I was crazy. I was afraid it was all just in my head and that Owen didn’t reciprocate my feelings and that he might distance himself from me if he knew about them which felt like an earth shattering idea for me. Owen had really kept his cards close to his chest as I was so unsure how he felt about me! When I admitted how I felt did he take it as an invitation finally to tell me about his dreams and visions of me and that he had been waiting a long time for me. I was very in awe hearing this… how literally the universe and even “dream Jacqueline” pushed us together so we could meet. Never did I think this kind of thing would happen with me. Interestingly many people also recognised the connection me and Owen had even just looking at our photos or knowing us in person or online. There is a real energetic similarity between me and Owen although expressed in our own ways.

In my new life with Owen I experienced more disintegrating of old identities and ideas that were no longer in alignment or true to my being. Not only was I starting a new life with Owen but I was also embarking on a whole new way of life. I was dropping a lot of “slave self” (as Jacqueline would say) setups in my being that needed to leave if I was going to work more closely with the ways of nature and step more fully out of the old limited system that’s been pushed onto us since birth. This can come with fear and it can feel like a lot of letting go of old ways of doing things and past conditionings. I can go through deeply intense processes then they pass over me quickly but then the next process may come along very soon! It can be quite relentless.

Here in the Pyrenees mountains there are over 200 villages that are in ruins but some have been built up to be lived in. Me and Owen are currently in a small village. The villagers here often like growing their own food or keeping certain animals to make goats milk or honey or provide eggs. We can sometimes get food for free here or pay very cheaply for it. It is very remote here so we are dependent, at the moment, for neighbours or friends we know to drive us as we have no car.

It is very beautiful being out here in the mountains although unfortunately the Spanish civil war has happened in the Pyrenees. In particular the village we are staying in as there are bullet marks in some houses and trenches nearby. We can feel certain energies that feel disembodied when we go to certain parts of the village or nearby mountains that leave us feeling a bit out of our body or having a certain process. There is a church here too that can feel particularly heavy in frequency. So although a lovely looking location me and Owen are careful where we go! It was funny too the timing of me arriving here as the April 2023 Silent Immersion with Jacqueline had just started and she was talking a bit about battle energies and mountains. It added to the feeling that I was meant to arrive here at the time I did.

Since coming here I have been finding old ways of being quite redundant now and feeling strongly in myself I no longer want to play these out anymore. A kind of soberness has come over me as something within me wants to live life with more integrity that is closer to nature and myself. It’s like I have been called more forwards now to really embody what I deeply feel to be true within my own being but had been constantly side stepping it out of fear, wanting comfort, being too nice or making excuses. It has felt like my previous way of living was causing harm to myself and even, on subconscious levels, to those around me as I was not living more truthfully from myself. I do find with all this disintegration there are aspects of me finding my feet as I land more fully in my being. Like letting go of an old version of me and also for other people to let go of these old versions of me. I realise there is a lot from my previous life I invested so much time and energy into that has fallen away and the stressful, exhausting chase is leaving me. I can no longer seem to try to uphold a life that I could just not seem to fit into or wasn’t in alignment and I realise I need to leave it behind. Tuning in with these old ways brings up many closed doors as they just don’t have integrity to my own being anymore.

Being in more silence has been something coming to me more lately. Not wanting speak from the mind so much or just fill in the silences for sake of it and finding more stillness within me. I can find it overly intense too speaking with others who speak strongly from patterns and their mind and who struggle with finding silence within themselves. I can see now how much I lived from the mind and in some kind of state of constant agitation, stimulation and stress. Also I am actually someone who has been born with a partial hearing loss and wore hearing aids from a very young age. But shortly before me going to Spain I broke my hearing aids which I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I accidentally put them in the washing machine! I was unable to get them replaced before my trip to Spain but there are new ones waiting for me in UK now but having to wait longer to have them shipped over due to broken customs systems (that’s another story!). Anyway being without hearing aids and being in a country where I don’t speak the language has been a process for me. Makes it even harder to learn another language with having less of my hearing. I would think to myself that this is some kind of cosmic joke that I am in Spain just after breaking my hearing aids. But I notice it has enabled me to be in more silence and to also connect with others around me without necessarily using words. A learning of being able to be more comfortable with myself and silence and to really listen within.

It is interesting to observe too my cravings and addictions that come in. Whether it’s technology, food, possessions, wanting mental stimulation, etc. Being here in the mountains has meant more limited resources sometimes or having to change certain habits into healthier ones. It’s amazing really what conditionings we can get without fully realising. Especially in the west we seem to be spoilt with having things easy access. Turning it up a notch to not always having access to certain things can bring on emotional or mental processes and these inner child tantrums can kick in as the emotional body gets stronger. This is still an ongoing process for me but seeing the changes.

There have been beautiful villages I have visited around here. Some high up in the mountains… overlooking valley after valley rich in trees. Discovering hidden rivers and streams can be quite magical. There was one large off grid house I stayed in for quite a few days in Hecho. It felt like a very powerful location and was blessed with a huge garden I could find some stillness in and recharge. There is a large mountain range we took a hike through nearby the house that leads to a long winding river called Agua Tuertas. Walking through these mountains by the river has felt like stepping into some mythical fairytale. The mountains really leave me feeling in awe of Mother Nature. The giganticness of them communicated to me the raw power of the Earth. We reached the river of Agua Tuertas and the change in frequency to something that felt even higher and purer was palpable. The large open space felt so pristine and clear especially with seeing the snowy mountains in the background.

I notice when I visit certain places that seem to have some higher frequencies running through them I can have quite a purification! Things really get pushed to the surface for me whether it’s stuff I need to change or the stuff that starts trying to convince me it’s real but is actually an infiltration. These infiltrations I see come up I have to really catch them for what they are and hold the space. I can feel there’s a strong anchor in myself as my layers around me go into major shifting or dying off. And sure enough as the process passes it’s like I feel totally lighter with a new outlook without that old thought pattern or conditioning. It’s like I can feel Earth really trying to call me back to it so that I can embody nature more. It had often felt like there is some kind of AI or old world hook up with what I need to let go off. Hecho mountains was a location that brought on a very powerful experience of clearing out this old stuff! The next day after the hike left me feeling in such an emotional state and had to lie in the bottom of the large garden for a good while and let nature take care of it. But then in all passed over me like a dream by the next day and felt like a shift had happened. I can tell there’s still much more shifts and things to let go off but this has felt like a very quick rigorous process so far and can see there is much that has changed within me.

I am only just over 2 months into staying in Spain so far with Owen and it’s been a beauty to experience our love blossom and to help us grow. And also what it has been doing for my creativity as an artist as I receive new ideas that come with a new kind of energy reflecting where I’m at now. Me and Owen don’t really know where life may take us. We have ideas, visions and dreams but when or which will materialise is what remains to be seen. I am not necessarily expecting that it’s going to be a smooth easy journey especially with what’s happening in the world and the ugly stuff really coming to the surface and systems being shaken up in a major way and collapsing. Life has shown me that I am operating on some kind of current and indeed there is an intelligence in this universe. There is a kind of trust in me. I just take action on what is in front of me in this moment and the rest reveals itself. This feels like a real birthing process of something new for me that’s all part of what love and this Earth wants. I am allowing myself to dream more and hopefully dream this new world into being. What’s happened with me in the recent months has really shown the innate power of the laws of nature and the universe.

Illustrations by Kate Alexandra Priestley –

Owen’s music videos with glimpses of the locations –

Owen’s website –

Jacqueline’s website –

Note – I have been working with Jacqueline for a long while and do use some of her terminology. Some of which can be found here in her glossary –

8 thoughts on “New chapter, new life – Hello from Kate in the Pyrenees mountains in Spain”

  1. Kate,
    Thank you for sharing your journey and photos . I can feel the strength and energy from those mountains .

    You have written so beautifully.

    What an amazing adventure you’ve been on and continue to do so .
    Love to you and Owen 🥰 xx

      1. Hello Kate~

        There’s so much beauty in hearing where your flow has taken you and what is possible! 🙂

        I resonate deeply with choosing to take action on what is right in front of me, giving space for whatever needs to arise. Living life from your own being is inspirational and it’s so wonderful that you and Owen made your way to togetherness.

        All the best and I look forward to hearing updates, when called.

        Lots of love to you both 🩷

        1. Hi Kelly,

          Sorry for late reply! I didn’t receive a notification. Glad it resonates deeply for you 🥰 Life leaves me in awe of what’s possible. There is a new blog post about my experience of living off grid if you would like an update.

          Sending love 💜

  2. What a demonstration of trusting the being of you and your own instructions, as much as I know I try to understand them at times when you get the call you go and everything just begins or made this abundantly clear in your blog. And I always felt there was a kingship for you both it’s been amazing to see this blossom and germinate Kate

    So excited to see you both growing and being together
    And where this takes you both

    1. Hi Diane! Yes so amazing how the instructions arise just when you need it or you get to that pressure cooker point and then how everything unfolds afterwards. Thank you too for your part in the journey 🥰

      Sending much love from me and Owen 💜

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