Privacy policy

Your privacy means a lot to us.

Privacy Policy

We strongly believe in transparency and the right to privacy and never share or sell your personal data. However, we are also very aware of the level of surveillance, disrespect of privacy laws and data abuse which is inherent to the digital world. Most digital technology is simply in the wrong hands at this point in time and we can only influence the way we personally treat your data, and provide links to the data policies of the projects connected to this website which are WordPress, Dreamhost and MailerLite as outlined below.

Newsletter & contact forms

Your newsletter is connected to our website through MailerLite. MailerLite’s privacy policy can be found here We have chosen MailerLite because in many ways this email marketing platform aligns with our values. MailerLite embodies simplicity while still offering advanced, highly functional features. The platform has a strong focus on community, relationship and team work, and employs an inclusive, multicultural team. The company values transparency, openness and responsibility, and operates in compliance with European GDPR data privacy requirements. Nonetheless there are tracking options which are not in alignment with the ethics of and we will therefore do more research into alternative platforms and may move away from MailerLite in the near future. We use MailerLite options that turn off the tracking of your engagement behaviour with our newsletters because we feel that whether or not you open, forward or otherwise share our newsletters is not our business. Yet communication with the MailerLite team has revealed that the tracking of your engagement with links we share in our newsletters cannot be disabled, much to our dismay.

Information submitted via our forms on the ‘Contact’ page and ‘Share a story’ page are processed by WordPress. The WordPress privacy policy can be found here WordPress is an open source project and – like MailerLite – values simplicity without compromising functionality. Freedom, inclusivity and community are priorities. These things are in alignment with what we also stand for. Hence our choice of this host.

‘Share a story’ page

All stories submitted for the ‘Share a story’ page of this website are published anonymously. For information about the removal of your shared story see below under ‘Unsubscribing & removal of content form website’.

Unsubscribing & removal of content from website

Our newsletters contain the option to unsubscribe at any time. If you chose to unsubscribe we will delete your personal data, incl. contact details and previous communications.

If you or your business/initiative are featured on and you wish that we remove this content from the website, please let us know (see email address on the bottom of this page) and we will do so within 48 hours. If you have submitted a story for the ‘Share a story’ section of this website and you wish it to be removed, please contact us (see email address on the bottom of this page) and we will delete that content within 48 hours.

Your emails

Emails sent by you with questions, feedback, or suggestions for the website will be deleted when the communication between us is complete.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or wish that some of your content is removed, please contact us via

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