Radically being oneself – The grand awakening (English version)

Writing & poetry: Carina Ramm www.sunbeings.org (English)
Art: Petra Heveroch
www.petraheveroch.com (German)
www.petra-heveroch.pixels.com (English)

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Foreword to the English version
Being oneself
Our life
The grand transformation
A free human – a free world
The Earth
Radically being oneself
Final words

About me, you and us
The artist – Petra Heveroch
A poem for you…

Foreword to the English version

This short essay was first written in German, my mother tongue. Translating a living text into another language always changes it. Nuances and meanings specific to particular word combinations cannot be conveyed to a precise match. To leave the frequencies behind the writing and the alive feelings inside me while I was typing unaltered, I have occasionally slightly changed the wording such that the translation may not be the closest possible but something underneath, which is more important to me is transcribed accurately. This is esp. true for the poem in the end – allowing for rhyme while conveying the full depth of meaning was an interesting journey of creativity.

Being oneself

What does ‘being oneself’ mean in our society? What happens when sensitivity and deep compassion are expressed, when we are loud, or have a different opinion?

It can feel as though one is working against windmills. It attracts opposition and implies being rebuked, or even attacked. It scares others, and sometimes ourselves when we feel that we don’t belong if we reveal unfiltered who we are, when that line between you and me dissolves, when we let go and float freely while standing strong in our life, unwavering. Our society has other expectations. The institutions responsible for our education, which we work for and which tell us how we should live, and try to teach us what it means to be alive, have other expectations. Why so? Why are our societal structures in disaccord with humanness? Where are these structures that seemingly govern our lives coming from? Who are we?

Our life

Is Nature your institution – that intelligence and foundation of all life on Earth, on which everything depends, that determines all outcomes and in which all our wisdom lays, or is your life dictated by something external: regulatory statutes enacted and propagated by governments, churches, industries, digital technology, media, banks, edifices of education, the worldwide health system…? All these means and structures which could be so positive were they rooted in humanness. Are they not? What do you think, what do you feel when you ask yourself that question?

What if all these institutions, industries, the military, and even most charities and NGOs belong to something that we have accepted as ‘ours’ and rarely question since it would mean to question our entire lives, almost everything we know and identify with, but only almost everything? A world which we are familiarised with from a very young age on and in which we apparently have to function – a world which is inserted into us by parental and scholarly means of education. Young people often find this world bizarre but quickly understand the importance of learning to navigate it to be part of society and to receive the recognition and appreciation that means so much to us all, and which we long for.

Can you muster the courage to open your eyes and seriously ask yourself these questions? Coming to your own conclusion is part of being human. I am not here to tell you what is right, or wrong. I am merely a human being who has posed many questions, and who has rediscovered life and humanness and would like to share both with you because we belong together despite, and precisely because of the many things which seemingly separate us, which bring us apart – internally and in our societies, in our villages, cities, countries and this world.

Does your daily news feed really offer an honest reflection of the world we live in? What if I told you that there are peoples in the Amazonian rain forest, in Indonesia and parts of Africa that not only live in healthy mutuality with nature, but who have never contacted our so-called civilised world – uncontacted tribes and peoples – and if I also told you that one genocide follows another, right now, to remove these peoples from the Earth so that multinational corporations and non-humanness can proliferate unhindered? Have you ever heard about this in the news? Or the forced sterilisation of indigenous women in Canada, South America, Australia?

What if our lives are not so much shaped by humanness but by a system which is not ours, and if this world and our ways of living are undergoing a tremendous transformation and we – right now – have the opportunity to (re)discover who we are, and build a world inside us and around us which truly provides our children with what they need, and with what we have always dreamed of? Nonsense? Wake up and give yourself the chance to be you.

The grand transformation

Radically being oneself means to embody that Nature which births us into this world, nourishes us, and which most people have removed themselves from bit by bit, to such an extent that her intelligence is no longer recognised as Self. Instead it is perceived as the other and is juxtaposed to the human being, or even seen as hostile – in the world around us which is our home, and also in the depths of our internal being.

More and more people recognise this issue, see fragments of the many ways in which technologies have taken over our lives, but don’t know how else it should or could be, how deep the abyss we have to face really is (and we can face it as our strength is more than sufficient), esp. in Germany. The trauma of our history is blinding many of us. What we want least is a repetition of that history and yet what most of us live and support is the repetition of history.

Identities formed by institutions overlay humanness but that real, alive being underneath is increasingly gaining strength. We all remember what it means to LIVE but can we question everything we know, build our structures and societies anew on the foundation of what it means to be human? Yes, for this transformation is in full swing already. Sometimes the lack of questioning in our societies scares me – the level of fear of genuine truth and change – but then I feel inside and out how unstoppable this grand transformation is, and I see people wake up from their robotic existence, demanding change, and uniting to build something entirely new together.

The frequencies of our signals have long changed. The signals of light, electricity and sound which we continuously emit (we never learned about that in biology lessons either) are so much higher in frequency than a few years back. The same is true for the signals of this planet, its animal and plant beings, our waters and lands … everything. The barriers which have isolated us until very recently are deeply ruptured. The Earth’s magnetic field has changed, our connection with the sun – that wellspring of life – is much closer – and the same is happening inside us. Nature of which we only knew a vague, downgraded, extremely limited version has long re-emerged and burst into full presence. Our human abilities of self-healing and materialisation are activated and gain in strength with every passing day if we actively walk the path of humanness. Whatever does not fit into this system we call Life has been expelled from its subterranean abyssals and is surfacing in our everyday life – inside us and around us, in the world we live in.

Human beings who embody Nature are incredibly powerful and create a current which takes everything with it and births a world of which we always knew exists and lives inside us but the belief in which we had lost. The believe in that world is the belief in ourselves, and it is a belief which is undergoing an incredible resurgence. Institutions and identities are crumbling as more and more people recognise the emptiness – the absence of nature – in both. The images we are fed with – on the radio, on posters, in the news, in political speeches, magazines and on social media channels – fade before reaching our senses, if we are radically ourselves. Our sense of what it means to be human is increasing every day, whether we like it, or not. A ripping one-way street back to ourselves.


Millions of people attempt to reduce their mental activity, or at least steer it towards a more positive direction with meditation, chant, art, sports, nature excursions, or by living more slowly with less stimulation – out of the head and into the body – and hence into life. The myriad spiritual and religious techniques and rituals supposed to ease this path leave a lot to be desired however, and often bring too little lasting relief in everyday life. What does that mean? What are thoughts? Where do they come from?

How does it feel? Do you get the sense that the voice in your head belongs to you?

Are you in control of your thoughts, or are you remotely controlled? We all know the running commentary, or the flash-like insights which seem to come out of nowhere. Those familiar with this topic, or who simply regularly pay attention to their thought processes usually realise quickly that we are not our thoughts, and that much of our mental activity makes no sense in the context of our personal life: “But this is not me. This is not my opinion, or how I feel.”

Well, exactly. This is the problem because all too often we do follow these thoughts which are not ours – analysing, weighing arguments against one another, getting carried away by that often negative, self-doubting voice – emotionally and in our decision-making. Our mental world is predominantly controlled by sophisticated technologies which do not originate in the system and intelligence of Nature. Thoughts are a means to control people. This we should be very clear about, if we want to rediscover our humanness. This is never mentioned in the news either.

Radically being oneself means decisions are not made in the head but based on body signals which are rooted in the intelligence of Nature. Emotional reactions should not be immediate but delayed by the split second it takes to consult the internal silence. More about that in the next chapter.

A free human – a free world

Not a dream but reality, now, or as soon as you let go and begin to radically be yourself. A world in which wealth and abundance do not depend on money, in which humans are human and life – Nature – is supported and embodied, every minute and beyond the clocks, rich in diversity which we build together – you there and me here because you know what humans, animals, plants and rocks, water, the lands and yourself need and love where you are, and I know what we want to materialise into full form here – not from the head but rooted in the entirety of the human being. We don’t want to be machines controlled by centralised forces, do we?

A world in which we question together what we have been taught by our parents, by schools, science and the media, in which we decide what of it all we want to preserve and what we want to leave behind forever – starting with ourselves, not in the world out there. A world, which we treasure sufficiently to make it worthwhile standing up for what allows our children to live healthily, fully and happily.

You know exactly what it feels like when you arrive in a new location, enter an unknown house, or meet a human being you have never seen before – the sense of that first moment – an internal wince, or joy and magnetism, sadness, excitement, or alarm. This very first moment is your signal. It is faster and much deeper than thought which follows immediately. Learn to hear this signal and to live by it with all the courage it takes to be oneself in these times of transformation and chaos. This signal is also provoked when you have an idea, hear someone’s suggestion, see someone’s actions, or when you have to make a decision; it is your steady companion for it represents the intelligence we call Nature which is you, is embodied by you, and which materialises this universe. What do you perceive deeply within at that point of silence? Fully express whatever you find there. That’s all.

When we are radically ourselves, then we too are in constant transformation, sometimes soft and loving, then bursting with anger and rage; sad and then again full of joy. Half of these emotions we rarely show in the belief that they are somehow inappropriate, too much to take for others, not accepted by society, or in our home. Thoughts of self-doubt prompt us to dismiss what is right, and to go along with what feels safe so that we fit in, or keep our job. What a world of restriction and limitation is this? The internal pressure ever increasing. It is your human right to radically be yourself. This does not mean being inconsiderate, but that consideration is rooted in the system of Nature. It emerges from the deepest depths of our existence, not from shame, fear or guilt.

Try it out. You will quickly find yourself in a world of internal transformation and liberation which takes you back to yourself and to true love. It is a world in which we decide, not coercion, abuse, exploitation, dominance. The latter are not human traits but belong to a world of non-humanness which does not know and cannot feel the language of love for love is the cradle of Nature, but non-humanness is not rooted in this system of intelligence.

Much depends on the coming months and years. More and more people die every day from not knowing how to be human, and because the frequencies and activities of non-humanness are no longer supported on this planet which is fundamentally natural. And this at a point in time at which the freedom we have searched for for so long is laying before our feet. Unnecessary. Tragic. Sad. There is only one way to steer this stream back to Nature – by radically being oneself.

The Earth

Terrible news every day about the state of the Earth, the dying life – animals, plants, humans – war, fire, fear and violence – dystopian images. Meanwhile life-bringing carbon is silently sucked out of the atmosphere. Think about it. This is what we consist of. It’s what life consists of. Higher amounts of carbon form a reservoir for new life rooted in the system of Nature – new life which we need and desire on Earth. How could we let it come to this? Why do we blindly trust institutions which are irreconcilable with humanness. All of us, again and again, despite our history, our intellect and the wisdom we were born with.

For how much longer? Until in the name of safety our blood is removed from our veins and replaced with a machine-controlled, digitally interconnected something which – for our safety – measures the data of our cyborg body around the clock so that we finally can sleep calmly and find inner peace while existing like robots in a worker – no a slavery system – which generously provides an artificial replacement for everything which Nature has equipped us with when we were born and which is our human right to have: health, intelligence, abundance, power, interconnectedness…?

And all this we only get if we are compliant citizens who conform to the ever more fine-meshed external regulatory statutes which the institutions and banks of this world have drafted and enacted for us. So that we don’t have to think. So that we don’t have to know. So that we don’t have to decide. So that we can fully focus on our work while the last old trees are falling for Ikea, the last rain forests are burning for palm oil plantations, the last indigenous peoples disappear, our rudimentary, remaining human abilities are replaced by fully monitored mobile apps.

This is not the way if you are a human being. The Earth was once a planet full of wonder and she will be again for we no longer and never again allow the destruction which this planet has endured. Is that a plan? Are you in?

Have you ever asked yourself why most of Earth’s forests consist of trees which are about 200 years old, or why the windows of so many old buildings are half buried in the ground, why so many stories of mythology, religion and folklore mention catastrophic deluges and mud floods? What lies buried under the desert sand? Are deserts really as natural as we are being told, and their steady expansion as much caused by humanness as we are supposed to believe? Questions we need to ask for our children, for life, for our societies and ourselves so that humanness, the embodiment of Nature – our basic right – remains a part of the Earth.

Radically being oneself

What would you like to see and support in this world? Nature and humanness, or the continued destruction of both? The chasm between the two is tremendous. There is no middle way. This is a time in which you should be clear about who you are and what you want. Passive drifting around is not a way of Life. The excuse: “But others are doing it too” cuts no ice anymore. This planet is undergoing a grand transformation – nothing and no one is excluded. Those who know who they are and embody Nature are supported in what they do for everything at work is an expression of the same intelligence. Others may run into one obstacle after the other – emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually – mostly because their decisions and actions are not in agreement with the system of Life. All this is very obvious if one takes a deeper look at one’s internal and external environment – if one dares to see.

Radically being oneself means to live from the inside out, rooted in our natural wisdom – taking on full responsibility for oneself. It means to wholeheartedly use the opportunity of this time of the grand transformation – the opportunity and duty – to rebuild our communities, families, villages and cities, and to deeply realise the meaning and technicalities of being human.

Do we want to acquiesce in the attempt to destroy Nature and to separate us from our humanness, or do we want to open our eyes together and build what is worthy of being human? I think we all know the answer and have everything needed to walk this path. Look around in your area, in your life, inside you. What is missing? What are you supporting? What would you like to contribute? How can you breath some more life into yourself, your family, your environment? You are strong. Do you think you are fully embodying this strength? Do you think you are fully what you know you can and should be for you feel, hear and see what that is from the inside out?

Radically being oneself means letting go of mind-based plans and goals and being open to what naturally unfolds in the context of Life. Nature’s intelligence is far more advanced than logical thinking although both can complement each other if order and means of perception are conducive. If you are honest with yourself, then you know that we are unaware of most of our actions’ consequences, and even less able to predict them. Too many factors are involved most of which we know little about, or nothing at all as life reveals again and again, on small and grand scales. We think we do someone a favour just to find out that this was not at all the case because what they needed was something entirely different from what we thought. We think we improve a situation and then things continue to go downhill – the story of this planet, look around. Especially in these times of all encompassing transformation even what used to be steady and stable has become altogether unreliable. But…

We are all part of an intelligence which knows the way, spontaneously, now… Experience plays a role in radically being oneself, but a secondary one. First there is a signal which emerges from the entirety of your being – from humanness/Nature. Then there is the memory of previous experiences – what we believe we know, then another signal in response to that memory, or piece of information which we would like to include. If the body signal is positive, if you feel an internal openness, then the information is included. If there is an inner contraction, then the experience, or information is likely in disagreement with the flow of Life in this current situation. It sounds theoretical but happens in a split second. You can feel it in your body if you take the time to observe and explore. It is not a chore but humanness itself which we have to distinguish from non-humanness due to the current situation on Earth.

The core of exciting new ways and opportunities usually consists of something you already knew about but which you have never noticed in this way because it did not hitherto fit into your life circumstances, or your point of view has been a different one. Suddenly a new picture forms around a person you already knew, a country is calling you which you didn’t feel drawn to before, a platform or community you had already heard of but which never piqued your interest in the past suddenly feels exciting. Don’t look for the grand insight which out of the blue brings something entirely new and life-changing into your view. Nature, although incredibly diverse and exciting, is simple and continuous. 180º turns and Earth-shattering discoveries are a sign that something else is at play.

Final words

I hope you find this short essay helpful – this is the intention it was written with. You are more than welcome to share the pdf with others who you feel may find it supportive (scroll down to the end to find it).

If you would like to be inspired by the manifold ways in which humanness is materialising into form across the planet, then take a look at the following website www.sunbeings.org which I have created together with a very talented British artist and website designer – Kate Priestley. Under ‘Explore here’ you will find initiatives, projects and businesses which resonate at the new frequencies, and increasingly reflect the intelligence and principles of Nature.

With love to the country in which I was born, but sadly never found the space to spread my wings and radically be myself. Maybe some time in the future,,,



Inspired by the work of Jacqueline Hobbs www.oraclegirl.org.

About me, you and us

At school some teachers noticed me for writing essays which were incredibly revealing, deep and authentic – honest without reserve – well, by that I mean the two teachers which saw a value in this form of expressing. Mostly I invoked criticism by being myself and sharing my feelings and perceptions openly. I didn’t fit into society – too intense, too idealistic, too honest, too sensitive, not sensitive enough. At the age of 25 I left Germany, and a few years later also distanced myself entirely from my language. For the first time the feeling of constriction which had been my companion from a very young age on fell off of me.

Freedom. Finally. I spread my wings and flew for 15 years straight, lived in different countries on several continents, on sailboats, in a tent in the solitude of nature (only briefly), found community on various islands, in close relationship with old people, in spiritual circles, in a deep sense of connectedness with nature, in a very unconventional study program, in an online group. I dove into ayurvedic healing methods, yoga, energy healing and left it all behind. In foreign countries, surrounded by different cultures nobody expected me to be like the others. That was wonderful. Many people encountered me with unprejudiced curiosity and found inspiration and hope in my way of life. What a gift that was for me.

Now I often write for the Sunbeings.org website. Always in English. Till today. Aside from short emails to my mother or friends, this is the first time in 15 years I wrote a personal essay in German. Entirely unplanned. I love spontaneity. Immediately there is that same depth and authenticity which those two teachers had pointed out in my youth. This is me – my language, my truth, no matter the cost. Either I can be myself, or life is no longer alive, and why would I want to settle for any less than living fully?

I have the right to be myself, to say what is important to me, to live the way my Nature, our Nature, commands from the inside out. You too have this right. Let us change this world together with courage and determination, and build what we always recognised somewhere inside us as just, alive and worth living. I want to hear your voice, see your bravery – brave because you have decided to radically be yourself, whether you are rewarded, dispraised, ignored, or supported by society. Who are you?

The artist – Petra Heveroch

Petra Heveroch is an artist and creative companion. She creates resonance art – living symbols & zen art – for individuals, companies, organizations & therapeutic work. The art and it’s frequency wants to bring people back into their natural equilibrium, their inner peace, stillness & strength. It helps to place their focus on what is essential & true, our core.

Further, Petra supports women with practical, playful & grounded impulses to radically allow, embrace and honour themselves. To own their wellbeing. To relax into their natural wisdom and meet life curiously, playfully and honestly. Specifically she offers impulses and services for women regarding 1) solo travel, sabbaticals & location-independent living, 2) body based business, 3) nature & body connection 4) self-respect, boundaries & owning one’s space.

Besides her websites you can also connect with Petra on social media via @athomeinyourself. 

A poem for you

Humanness a dream,

A rose-glassed tree.
A thousand fears hidden in a perfect seam.
So many drifting lost, holding on to a crumbling beam.

Better to drown in the flood
Than to conquer one’s wrenching gut,
A view in the mirror with depth and clarity,
Taking the reins of this derailed life towards true charity.

Such decisions entirely one’s own
From the wellspring of the internal kaleidoscope
Far from newspapers and institutions
Scream for general persecution.

People can’t possibly be free
Looking into the depth of Life
Trusting the inner silence so deep
Building castles of their own reality.

When did this giant chasm appear?
Humans loosing their humanity.
Find back to the nature of your heart
Let evaporate the tremendous pains which set us apart.

The internal power grid
Ruling our outer voice and wit.
All beings closely linked,
Loneliness forever extinct.

Family not determined by blood,
Not pinned on paper, or decided by an institutional strut
But deeply united by frequency,
Which does not know limits or falsity.

Sudden standstill –
A profound rebirth,
Being human
In the cradle of Life on Earth.

A deeply rooted tranquility
Filled to the brim with vitality.
Rife with magic and strength
A presence which goes to whole new lengths.

The decision is yours –
Each man to his own.
No rescue by unforeseen saviours
But a world undreamed-of, beyond what you have ever known.

The Earth spins faster with every passing day
Open the coffin, all anchors astray.
Hold on tight to the depth of your existence
Or fly to artificial stars unknown within any fathomable distance.

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