Reconnecting with Earth

Reconnecting with Earth – restoring, rebalancing & being nature within, and around us means for humanity to switch from harming the planet to living in alignment with and as a part of nature, the intelligence which underlies this entire universe. It means acknowledging the mutual relationship we have with all life on Earth and the planet itself. It means reversing habitat destruction such that life – including humanity – can unfold its innate abundance in simple, transparent and inclusive ways, reflecting nature’s values back to the lands and waters that we are a part of. The material below is meant to provide a deeper sense of what nature is and what it means to be nature, for the mere purpose of triggering a memory of who you are within you, showing you what you already know, connecting you more deeply with your internal sun. Also check out our related blog posts ‘Community – Genuinely feeling life‘ and ‘Trusting nature‘.

Natural navigation. Ethical business directory

Tristan Gooley

England, UK

A natural navigator who deeply knows & teaches how to read the sky, weather, land, sea, plants and animals based on a profound embodiment of nature – his unique books are an invitation to strengthen our connection with and confidence as nature, and remember forgotten knowledge; natural navigation is not a survival skill but a means to understand the world around us and our place in it: be human – be nature.

Connecting with animals

Animal Trust Technique

England, UK

A method which connects & heals animals & humans, highlighting the value of trust and mutual understanding, recognising the importance of the animal-human relationship in personal & global change.

Indigenous wisdom. Natures principles

Braiding Sweetgrass – Robin Wall Kimmerer

Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Deep indigenous wisdom about our connection with nature, the role of gifting versus purchasing embodied by everything that is part of nature, a language which includes all of nature, justice of the land and much more; Robin is a mother, scientist, decorated professor, enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor of Environmental Biology in Syracuse, New York.

Utah Diné Bikéyah

“The people’s sacred lands” Navajo Nation, USA

Healing people & Earth by supporting Indigenous communities & protecting ancestral lands. Healing is only possible when we are connected with the Earth: its lands & waters. Strengthening ties to ancestral land – practicing nature-embedded native cultures, languages, mutual respect & support creates & strengthens that connection. Amplifying voices of indigenous communities & grassroots organisations. Connecting people – forming relationships & networks. Passing on indigenous knowledge, beliefs, histories & stories. Culture sensitivity trainings & social media consultations. Longstanding legacy of transparent leadership.

Till the Coast is Clear

England, UK

Clearing shorelines of plastic pollution with recyclable boats & kayaks made from recycled fishing nets. Volunteer-run, community-centred. Connecting people to the outdoors to improve physical & mental health. All recovered material is up cycled, recycled or used for waste to energy production. Educating about plastic pollution in schools, businesses etc. Rooted in genuine recognition of ocean plastic pollution worldwide. > 12 tons of plastic & other waste removed from South Devon coast.

Tshaukuesh Elizabeth Penashue

Innu Nation, Labrador, Canada

Innu elder, cultural & environmental activist, author of ‘Nitinikiau Innusi: I Keep the Land Alive’, based on her diary in Innu-aimun language of daily experiences, reflections on court appearances, interviews with reporters, trad. & modern Innu life. Led Innu campaign against NATO’s low-level flying & bomb testing on Innu land during 1980s/90s. Led walks & canoe trips in nutshimit: “on the land” for years, to teach people about Innu culture & knowledge. Recipient of National Aboriginal Achievement Award & honorary doctorate from Memorial University of NL. Website not up to date, but anyway:

Connected Choices


Re-learning to feel & experience the interconnectedness between all life – in our communities & within ourselves. Empowering writings & videos by Ewoud Venema which will take you deeper & back to you, help you prioritize & become more clear. An important call to come together & build authentically what we want to see & live in this world rooted in our innate wisdom.

Agnès Le Moigne

France & Mexico

Photography for vibratory artistic healing – supporting reconnection with nature inside & out. Facilitating intimate connection with plants & animals through images. Life-time photographer & trained herbalist living her passion ever more strongly after overcoming serious illness through natural ways and her own self-healing ability. Donation-based work. Music & other collaborations.

Our donation model

We envision a change towards gift economies rooted in the very same ways in which nature operates. Our donation model is based on these principles. If you like this website which is a gift from us to you, fueled by endless hours of connecting with people, businesses and initiatives, please take a look at our Donation page to find out how you can reciprocate, or pass on that gift. Or, if you already know our model and would like to be part of it in a monetary way, you can go straight to Donate below. Thank you!

Two Worlds

White snow, an icy rock
All I am hearing is a gentle knock
Perhaps a bird on the roof
Or a neighbour aloof
In the midst of silence

That silence this is me
An everlasting sun
Sharing my presence with a tree
Roaring in stillness, so much fun

It’s loud and it’s now
Like a gust of wind
Taking over the world
Without noise, without hint


To those who are sleeping
Can’t see and won’t hear
Life is fading
An empty blast of fear

For those who are silent and feel the roar
It’s all excitement – they take off and soar
A new life, a new planet built by us
Between the worlds a large crevasse

What a mess, such chaos
So much love in the snow
We are almost there
With the rivers we flow

Poem by Carina Ramm

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