Spontaneity – Living in alignment with nature’s principles

The sweetness of life is in spontaneity. Haven’t we all experienced the joy when we spontaneously meet with a friend or when we change our mentally prepared schedule out of a sudden impulse that is not rooted in fear or worry, but in excitement. This is life – nature communicating with us, in combination with our openness to recognising and embodying that intelligence that underlies everything in this universe – that keeps all life in interconnected balance.

The divorce of much of humanity from nature, and the corresponding switch to mind-based realities is now being reversed on this planet as frequencies change. We are pushed into fully being ourselves, which is the most exciting way to live. It is the human way to live. Security lies in that constant balancing that is a main characteristic of how nature operates. We experience accidents and illness mostly as a consequence of stepping away from nature into decision-making based on fear, worry, educational and societal programming of how we should act, and the emotions and thoughts that come with that. None of this is us and none of it is human.

Rooted in nature’s principles, most of life happens spontaneously. It is not rooted in a thought such as: at 4pm today I will sit down and plan the next 2 months. Rather I am walking or relaxing and suddenly – from the inside out – I know where I need to be when, who I need to contact, which tasks need to be prioritised, or the ‘schedule’ simply unfolds in the bigger picture of other occurrences. It is not a world entirely without planning, or without thinking, but the planning happens spontaneously and only where really needed. The thought is specific and genuine, arising fro the whole being.

Through sudden alertness, expansion – excitement – or contraction – feeling heavy about, or burdened by something – our whole body/being, rather than one specific part of it, constantly tells us what is in alignment with nature and what is not, what is genuinely you, and what is not. All that is needed is openness to the spontaneity of recognising and embodying you. It all happens in that brief moment of first contact with a new person, a new location, a new idea. There is that very first landscape of sensations in the body and beyond, which is soon overturned and dismissed by the mind’s analyzing, calculating, putting into context of known behaviour or expectations, past experiences etc.

Observe animals, esp. wild ones, and you can see the spontaneity of life. There is very little planning and even if there is it is fully linked to the current moment and emerges from their whole being, not from thought. They just start moving. It’s fascinating. Same with a child. This not to entirely throw overboard the lessons we learn from experience. There is still room for that, but it comes second, after that first very alive whole-body reaction. If we then know from past experience that for some reason we should not listen to that first reaction, then we have to ask ourselves why and whether we need do to something to regain the freedom to live fully spontaneously. Life is now and here, and the choice to be part of it, or to live based on fear, mental gymnastics and institutional expectations is yours.

A poem for you

More from Thessaloniki, Greece…

A million suns

A summer dream,
A winter song.
Where is the richness?
What went wrong?

Everyone tired.
No one alive?
Where is the passion?
Where is the drive?

So much fear –
What is to loose?
The dream of safety,
no more grip, no juice.

The waking up-
A shock wave of grief.
Birthing our world,
old dreams meet new realities.

Tired eyes meet the stars in the sky.
Acceleration wherever one looks, humanity – a deep cry.
All change, everything to gain.
Meeting life itself – bursting the chains.

True power, unstoppable, breaking the clocks.
No time to think, no word, no box.
Breaking all limitation we ever new.
A million suns, in me and in you.

Photo taken by Sara Cohen in Tel Aviv

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