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Research, writing, finances (donation model)

I pursued education, research & work in biology, philosophy, at the intersection of environmental policy, politics & human societies, and in care-giving, holistic healing & spirituality – and found all of it too limited, incomplete, too polarised & divided, distorted by those who seek nothing but control. Although I picked up nuggets of gold everywhere, none of it reflected what it means to be human, what it is like to be alive. Certainly none of it was me. Identities came and went.

Recently someone said to me: “I am still finding out which constellation I am from” – stuff we never talk about, never learn at school, perhaps never even consider. It is that unimagined and yet deeply familiar knowing and capability which makes us human. I am not what I do, not the footprint I leave behind, not the way I live my life or the people I share it with, certainly not my education, or the money in the bank account.

I have lived in many countries, pursuing a minimalist lifestyle that allows for lots of freedom. No phone, car or insurance since many years. Haven’t seen a doctor in 16 years. I am passionate about gift economies rooted in abundance and the trust that nature rebalances. Most of my work I have not been paid for, yet never experienced scarcity. Decisions are made based on my own inner promptings, often with little security, and yet the deep knowing that I am safe. I don’t live by external regulations that feel foreign, lack common sense, or are harmful. I embody nature and chose to not comply with what harms life.

I would say one of my core strengths is the ability to zoom out and provide a broad and clear overview of the interconnectedness of current happenings. This is what comes forward on this website and in everything I do. I want to see new high frequencies more strongly materialised into form, and am excited about exploring and navigating this world with you. I greatly enjoy finding ever more ways to live in alignment with nature, to materialise & use new possibilities on this beautiful planet.


Website design, artist, IT research

Since I was very young I have always been drawn to creativity in different mediums. I pursued it in school, college and university. But throughout my education history I have always felt very lost still when it came to creativity although I could still feel that urge there. Also my creative expression was quite different in the past compared to now. I can see now this is because when I was younger I was very confused about myself and certainly was more tied up with ‘heavier frequencies’.

On my personal journey I eventually managed to get things into more alignment within myself and felt a ‘me’ or the spark inside of me become more alive as though it had been lit up. I can feel myself burning much brighter than I did in the past. This also fuelled my creative expression. It went through a dramatic change where now the ideas that come to me feel like it’s coming from a truer place rather than from a negative place that doesn’t feel me. Also I have much more creative ideas coming to me these days… too many to keep up with!

I feel all forms of creative expression are a powerful tool as it contains frequencies that plant seeds. It influences us more than we can ever imagine and shapes our inner states. Often we live out our lives based on negative images or other negative expressions of creativity that end up finding its way into the mainstream… so the life we live is not even our own and doesn’t bring lasting positive states of growth and happiness. It keeps us identified with lack and disempowerment and further entrenched in harmful identities… stuck in a reality and not being able to envision better ones.

Deep inside all my life I wanted to plant seeds of goodness. I struggled to understand why the world is the way it is. It never computed for me how humanity could cause their own suffering so much. It is my deepest heartfelt wish to see the world transform for the better after being in the dark for so long.

My creativity goes into a few different areas. So I specialise in: painting, illustration, website design, graphic design and photography. I often find my expression seeps into other areas too… whatever the pure moment brings. I do love dancing, playing my drum and writing!

At the end of the day we are all creatives. There are infinite expressions of the creative energy. We are creating our lives in every moment that in turn creates the collective we currently experience. It is like a web that connects us all. We really do have the power to change things using this force. So I hope this website inspires you to make wiser choices that are in alignment with humanity and the earth and to harness your own ‘Creator’ energy!

Everyone who shares ideas for this website

Needless to say we are not experts at all the things this website is about, only see what comes into our fields and are not perfect. If you have suggestions for change, additions, or the direction you would like to see this website project to take, please send an email. We are particularly looking for contributions from Slavic countries and China esp. when an english/partly english website is available. It is not easy for us to find businesses, initiatives or artists in these geographic areas but we would like to include the treasures we know are there. The new frequencies are taking form everywhere. We would also love to hear from young people about high-frequency youth projects. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to this website. It is much appreciated. To send feedback, links or anything else please email:

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