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This website is a community project. So many people contribute with their inspiration, feedback, suggestions, collaborations, donations, acknowledgement of our work, and by communicating to us the joy they feel when engaging with Many more near and far contribute with their body signals and the joined work that transforms this planet and our societies. Thank you!

To thank you in visible ways for being part of the Sunbeings community, and for full transparency, in this space we would like to name those who have supported, or are supporting us through major inspirations, collaboration, donations, feedback, suggestions and more. Your contributions are so much appreciated!


We enjoy taking inspiration from the work of Jacqueline Hobbs / Oracle Girl (, esp. from the language she offers and the keys she provides with her work which constantly trigger a deeper remembering of who we all are. Our work is deeply effected by the presence of the external purification space which Jacqueline offers. Furthermore, on the Giving page of her website you can find many additional businesses and initiatives which drive the positive transformation across this planet.

The main writer of this website (Carina) has also drawn major inspiration from Vadim Zeland ( &, a Russian author and channeler of very high frequency who has written extensively about the synthetic versus natural on this planet, the synthetic Earth grid, the importance of healthy nutrition via natural, organic and raw foods, the nature of reality, methods of manifestation and materialisation which he keeps updating with new books, and more.

And so many people who inspire us through their work, in conversations and by authentically being who they are.


Johanne Robitaille (Canada) – Guest blog post
Sara Cohen (Australia) – Various past support
Petra Heveroch (Germany) – ‘Wonder of life’ podcast episode; 
Blog posts: Bosnian pyramids – Earth’s many histories; Art collaboration for ‘Radically being oneself – The grand awakening’
Agnès Le Moigne (France/Mexico) – ‘Reducing dependency on money’ series
Owen Hanner (UK/Spain) – 
‘Reducing dependency on money’ series
Ruth Amanda (USA) – Sharing of research about ethical technology
Nicole Gaillard (Netherlands) – Recorded conversations (see Blog)
Pigi Irene Ilia (Greece) – Video editing

Also thank you to everyone who sent in stories which we have published on the ‘Share a story’ page. Since your stories often contain sharings of deep and very personal experiences we won’t name the authors but feel deep gratitude for your gifts.

General feedback & website design suggestions

Sara Cohen (Australia), Marie De Vylder (Belgium), Jessica Blanche Mary Boles (UK), Bryony Perkins (UK/USA), Latoya Raedene (USA), Sarah Wägerle (Germany), Robin (UK), Pigi Irene Ilia (Greece), Magali Le Moigne (France)

Suggestions for businesses & initiatives to be added to the website

Michael Lorengel (Kazakhstan/Germany), Sara Cohen (Australia), Ewoud Venema (Netherlands), Nicola Mills (UK), Annie Hillier (Canada), Susan Laing (UK), Julie Ulbricht (UK), Sarita Coren (USA), Sarmado Sibley (UK), Pigi Irene Ilia (Greece), Marie De Vylder (Belgium), Agnès Le Moigne (France), Stéphane Robin (France), Linnea Mann (Sweden), Emma Carper (USA), Owen Hanner (UK/Spain), Lisa McKnight (USA), Urvi Shah (India), Christy DeArment (USA), Bella (Cyprus/Ecuador)

Technical feedback

Julie Ulbricht (UK), Kathryn Larsen (Denmark/Netherlands), Sara Cohen (Australia), Owen Hanner (UK/Spain)


Latoya Raedene (USA), Julie Ulbricht (UK), Anne Marie Cross (Canada), Christian Bergmann (UK/Germany), Yul Rapoport (USA), Jacqueline Sherman (UK), Nicole Gaillard (Netherlands), Christy DeArment (USA), Lone Haugland (Sweden), Elisabeth Hakedal (Norway), Fae Dollin (UK), Malgorzata Miness (Poland/UK)

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