The Open Source Seed Initiative

FORAGING & FARMING – Canada, Australia & UK ~

Free the seed! By law patented & protected seeds cannot be saved, replanted, or shared by farmers & gardeners, and cannot be used to create new plant varieties which form the foundation for just & sustainable farming. Patenting & restrictive contracts are used negatively to enhance corporate control over seeds & farmers. A handful of companies account for most commercial breeding & seed sales worldwide. Inspired by free & open source software movement. Maintaining fair & open access to plant genetic diversity worldwide. Ensuring freedom for farmers, gardeners, breeders & communities. > 500 varieties protected. Partnering with plant breeders, businesses, non-profits & artists who spread the word. OSSI T-Shirts made with organic cotton.

Collaborating with sibling projects in Germany, Kenya, India, Argentina, Italy, the Philippines & Thailand as GOSSI – Global Coalition of Open Source Seed Initiatives:

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