This website – it’s story – what a ride

A welcome by Carina Ramm

Hello everyone and thank you for being here!

I thought it would be nice to start out this sharing space for our stories by writing a bit about the wild ride of creating this website. So much has come together and is a continuation of a trail which has started to unfold ages ago. This website project genuinely arose from my (Carina’s) desire to live more in alignment with nature’s principles, in the ways in which that relates to my personal path. I have lived my entire life outside most systems and in unconventional ways, knowing from childhood that something was deeply wrong with how we do things on this planet. Living life differently and being an inspiration to others came naturally, without effort. It was the only way.A few years ago however I realised that more and more people are driving this change and, rather than just living a minimalist lifestyle and staying out of a world I didn’t want to be part of, I needed to start actively creating and supporting the new that was finally sprouting. I learned how to eat in alignment with principles which to me mean not doing harm; how and where to source clothing that is organic and supports the people who make it, learned about fair-mining and fairtrade metals and soon felt that all these discoveries needed to be shared. In the beginning there was a lot of research and I knew many people don’t have the time to do this work. This is how the idea for this website was born. Then one thing came to the next. Someone suggested a website designer and artist (thank you Bryony) who has become a good friend due to our collaboration on this project, a collaboration which goes far beyond work.Many real ethical businesses and initiatives simply came into my field. I often spent hours reading the website of a single company, but there was not much research anymore. Just a meeting of, and keen interest in what naturally came to me. Suddenly I found myself putting together pages about ethical education, traditional craft, community, film and photography, art… things which I had no clue about before starting this project. It just happened. Good friends sent me links. There was so much support, so much great feedback about the project from early on. New ideas arose faster than I could implement them. I got stressed out, overwhelmed. The project became so much bigger than originally anticipated. At the same time it felt so right and good, and I knew I had push through my personal fears. And… here we are. The website is launched. The most exciting project I have ever been part of. Simply by letting nature flow and by keeping going because I knew this is it, this is my contribution, a big part of my path.I also know that this project will unfold and change in many ways, driven by nature, by all of us, by everyone who submits a comment, or shares a link. By our connectedness and our effortless efforts that drive the change. We are here for these times, for doing whatever needs to be done to create this new world as seamlessly as possible. It’s a task which is not made easy by worldwide circumstances, people waking up at the last second, everything left to the last second. It’s nerve-wracking because everything is at stake. There are days when I just want to scream. But nothing is more clear than that knowing that everything is possible and all that needs to be done is to keep going, to keep showing who we really are every second, every moment in time. We are doing it. We are unstoppable. Thank you for being here in these times!

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