Trusting nature

What does it mean to trust nature?

It’s very different from what most people believe. It is not a trusting in the outside world – some external entity that sorts out life for us, teachings of whatever sort, institutions telling us what to do – none of that. The responsibility for our life is completely with us. Taking on that responsibility fully, making decisions based on one’s own knowing and absolutely nothing else, recognising how we shape our reality completely, is living and trusting nature. When we operate from that setting, then everything needed is always provided simply by showing up in our reality in all sorts of different and often unexpected ways. The mind has a very little, if any role to play in that. The more we nourish and embody nature, the faster our reality changes and becomes what we want it to be. Life becomes so obvious. One step leads to the next. No room for doubt and yet so much choice.

Most of us live their lives based on external forces and expectations, their perception and understandings of what it means to be a successful member of society. We give our power away to education systems, health systems, governments which are not striving for our wellbeing but rather separate us from our natural skills, community and happiness. The result is addictions of many types, unhealthy dependencies which lead to great vulnerability, obsessions with money, possession, causes – including so-called good causes, other people, animals to name a few. Then the shock comes when nature rebalances. This can take many forms. We all have experienced some of them.

How about uncovering such patterns by honestly and ruthlessly looking at ourselves, our life, the stories we have created in our heads, the identities which are not us, which can change and will change any second? What about living based on what we deeply know is right for us because our body tells us all the time? That first feeling when we meet a person, consider a plan, have an idea, hear about a possibility. That very first reaction which says ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without rhyme and reason. That is the knowing of nature, our internal way to freedom. When we live rooted in that rather than mental constructs, or emotions, then we can enjoy the constant rebalancing of nature. It’s no longer a shock therapy. We often know beforehand what will happen next because we are so connected to ourselves, to the essence of who and what we all are and which all life is rooted in.

The more people are on that frequency setting and mode of operating, the less we have to be concerned about money and about having our needs met. They will always be met and money is no longer a necessity – it never has been. It’s a crude means of exchange with a short history on this planet. We are fully able to materialise whatever we need instantaneously. This is a basic human skill which most of us are divorced from, know longer remember, or are able to trust in. It’s a different world – our world, before external influences began to separate us from our nature. We all know this. We all can clearly see that this world has become sick. Many of us have literally fallen ill. It did not use to be this way and need not be so now either. The choice is yours, always. No excuses. There is no room for excuse and postponing in nature. It’s a world of spontaneity.

Fully embodying nature does not mean life is always easy, or there is only bliss and peace. Life is so much more than that and in these times of planetary transformation embodying nature can be very challenging. It may take us to places which are in deep need of change because we – you – have the power and ability to transmute what is not in alignment, simply with your presence and your moment to moment choices from the inside out. The intensity of experiences increases and so does the ability to deal with whatever comes, so does courage, the willingness to take risks for what we know needs to happen and needs to be done. This is how we create a new and already growing world, a world which is worth living in, where humans thrive, animals are cherished fellow beings of great intelligence, trees are replanted and once more bring about abundance for us all including themselves. In this world we play a song together which does not know scarcity, abuse, destruction, sickness, or the horrific ways of ageing we see in our societies today.

Remember who you are and what this planet is. You are a force of life, a source of a very material form of love which can change and transform anything in a second. Trust yourself – that underlying intelligence of this universe, this planet – nature. It will never leave you alone. Nature always knows where you are and what you need. It speaks to you from the inside out. Drop the teachings, realign, and if you wish pick up what you momentarily let go off later in a different way, deeply rooted in your own knowing and the power and light that you are.

Lot’s of love…

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