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A new world of higher, new frequencies in alignment with nature’s principles of no harm is already here on this planet and is unfolding. Are you choosing and living it? Beings of a positive high frequency who have purified many of their patterns are easily able to clock the frequency of everything that comes their way and chose accordingly, thereby drawing into this world more of the same high frequencies. It’s a story of true empowerment and care. We are in charge of the events on this planet, no one else. This is true community.

This website is like a waterfall. Likely you don’t want to drink it all but take what resonates with you while we share examples of high frequency businesses, art, music, ways of living and more so that we all can feel and tune into this world more. This website is not meant to provide complete lists of things but offers frequency markers by which we can calibrate ourselves and each other. It will bring you back to yourself, to your own ability to chose wisely, based on your own source connection, your own knowing.

These times are not about following anyone else’s ideas or lifestyle. Rather we have the much more exciting opportunity to fully re-connect with ourselves, our own source connection which operates in full alignment with nature’s principles. When we are at a certain frequency setting, we can fully embody who and what we are, and no external systems, ideologies, gurus etc. are needed. This is true empowerment. Every suggestion by others is responded to based on our own knowing, nothing else. And everyone is welcome.

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